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  • Al Robinson

    I like it, I think it’s definitely a “Las Vegas (type) Mansion”. It’s is almost too big for it’s furniture. Kind of like you’d have to over-fill the space just so it doesn’t feel empty.

    The only weird thing is the bed in the middle of the room, and not against the wall.

  • Cindy

    Just a nice house, very overpriced for the square footage and lot size.
    3 car garage….really? Missed the mark all the way round….

  • Grrrowler

    I generally like it. Some of the spaces are a little too flashy, but other spaces look very nice. I like that it’s somewhat reminiscent of 1960s glamour but isn’t stuck in a time warp. It seems like a perfect Vegas house.

  • Derek2

    Overall I like it. But for $18.7 million I want a theater with more than 4 seats. You can see the 4 seats in the picture above and the floor plans show only 4 seats. Link below has the floor plans at the end of the tour.


  • Daniel

    The green needs to go pronto.

  • Venom

    I love love love it, I want it.

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