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  • rob

    Gorgeous house. Great stonework, beautiful proportions, well done woodwork and beautiful classic lawnscaping. I think the torches would look great at night. Casting shadows on this thing and making it look like the 1700’s. 20 mil seems pretty damn high, but this is Dallas and they do have billionaires row.

  • Jason

    this is one of my favorite homes in Dallas. it was designed by the uber-talented Larry Boerder and commands a rising knoll setback from Inwood Rd. I love most of what the new owners have done, but some things have a noveau riche air to them. (albeit, done in taste) the house used to have a large thicket of trees that encompassed the entire inside of the driveway circle and had an elegant, but more simple stone fence. the current owners threw up something more palatial and leveled many of the trees so peons can now have views of the home. very new money moves in my opinion. nevertheless, the house is still lovely and not altered badly.

  • Venom

    Beautiful home, very nicely done.

  • Daniel

    It’s lovely. Pre-renovation was not bad at all either. I wish all high end Realtors/architects/interior designers/builders would take a look at this agent’s website and follow his lead. Dozens of gorgeous photos with each home. And they don’t employ that some silly HDR filter.

  • Bella Dunn

    Once again, it must be a guy thing. I found the home grossly loaded with too much wood and moldings. It has a masculine feel thus my comment earlier. It is not a home I would purchase or want to live in.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s a beautiful house. I absolutely love the exterior, and the fire pots in the front are great; they’d look hokey with another house, but they work here. I actually prefer most of the pre-renovation furnishings over what’s in it now, but I like a lot of the decor changes.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I love the surroundings and the view. The movie theater is very original, for me what catches my eyes is the brick in the kitchen. I love brick in kitchens, it just gives everything a sense of peace and warmth.

  • Andrew

    I hate it when Americans give their house some pretentious French name… ape the architecture if you must but you’re not French and you’re not in France – give it up already!

  • guillaume

    In wood rodge => Sur la crête des bois.
    Dans bois crête means nothing in french…

  • lambskin

    I really, really like this house. One of my favorites fo far on this site.

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