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  • Daniel

    Exterior view at night is nice. Rest…not so much.

  • Grrrowler

    I like the exterior, but then again I’m partial to log houses. This one has managed to disguise its bulk, even though it’s massive.

    The nice thing about log houses is that the interiors can be timeless. Unfortunately this one has managed not only to be dated, but to come off looking like an outdated hotel. Being partial to log houses, it’s good to see that underneath the terrible furnishings, hideous carpet, kitchen that needs to be gutted, 2nd floor railings that look like a shop class project, and the interior tree, there are some nice spaces.

  • Teddi

    Don’t think I could stand living there year round, but what a cool vacation house that would make. The main living area reminds me of a large upscale tree house. If that’s what they were going for, they nailed it. It’s very whimsical. But I think kids would love it.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    A gorgious and elegant log home it is, if you ask me a home such as this could more places than Idaho, it would even be welcomed in the tropics. Log Homes do go!

  • mak

    Incredible koi pond.

  • FireCaptain

    Nice place.100 acres,on the lake with mountain views? WIN
    Beautiful location in Northern Idaho but you are far from civilization up there in Sagle. Your nearest big city is a town.Shopping could be a pain.Because I’m a man, I simply cannot find it inside myself to criticize a Log Home. Man code kinda deal. But 21,000 Square feet? Why? Not like you need to prove anything with the size of your compound when other homes near you hover around 2500 Sq Ft. I suppose you could easily turn this into a Ski,Hunt or Fishing lodge.

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