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  • Grrrowler

    I love the exterior. The Wrightian influences are very clear, and I think they’re very successful. The interior, I’m not so crazy about. The spaces themselves are nice but it looks very stuck in the late 1990s. A refresh/remodel is in order.

    • Joseph

      The first picture really shows these influences. This house really reminds me of those ‘Mayan revival’ style homes in California. The interior is cold and lifeless though.

  • Daniel

    All that’s missing is some power suits and we are good to go. I get a late 80s vibe from this. Surprised to see it doesn’t have any verticals. I don’t mind it inside or out. Reminds me of something Alfred Karram would design:


  • rob

    retro cool. Looking for a revolving bed. Very high quality decorating though not my style. Great architecture. This is a great house, but it just doesn’t appeal to me.

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