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  • Daniel

    Hmm. I want to like the quirky exterior, but it’s missing something. Not exactly charming. Interior is sad looking. Even the Swedes aren’t immune to double staircases. Funny how the owner uses this to raise cows.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s kind of neat, but the exterior is “flat”. It looks like it could be made out of cardboard. The interior could be really nice, but it couldn’t looks like it’s never been lived it. It’s lacking any sort of character at the moment. The creepy taxidermied butler would definitely have to go.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I very much like the exterior and the grounds. More life could be added to the interior, but for some reason it has a candy cane atmosphere about it. One thing, it does have the acreage on the posterior for children and others to engage in soccer.

  • Venom

    My country and my university colors, how can I not love this?

    Now that Elin has a new billionaire boyfriend, she should be able to pick this up no problem.

  • rob

    I wanted to like it but the front looks like an old fire station. I usually like this Northern European manor style, but not so much here. I do like the fact that this is on over 300 acres and he is raising cattle on it. I bet it is a lot of work in the winter. The back facade is much more interesting. Maybe whoever buys this can tweak the front facade with some rounded gables or something.

  • Mak

    The rear elevation is horrible. The cement block lower level looks incredibly institutional, and hardly what a 18M house should have. Perhaps the money is in the land, because it’s certainly not in the house.

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