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  • Grrrowler

    My first thought when looking at the interior pics was “It looks like a museum.” Then I got to pic 5 and realized that it apparently is some kind of museum. In spite of that, I think it could be an amazing house. I really like the exterior, but I’ve always been a fan of adobe architecture. The interior, with some proper furnishings, could be beautiful; I like the details that are already there, but it needs to be turned into a home, not a display. The shower is amazing and is probably one of the most interesting I’ve ever seen.

  • Daniel

    Museum, clubhouse, restaurant, hotel = yes
    Single-family home = no

  • rob

    I think the guy who owns this is one of the pre-eminent collectors and experts on Southwest art and archaeology. If it is who I am thinking of, he has been doing private collecting for 50 or 60 years. Their is a little bit of controversy because he is not a “certified” archaelogist so there is some conflict about his collecting methods. I think he is selling because he is now in his 90’s. I think this is a great house and would buy it in a heartbeat. It has a lot of land and is not your typical cramped, dark adobe style house you usually find in Santa Fe. This has a real Southwestern ranch feel to it. I would redecorate, but I would go over that collection with the owner and see if he would let me buy some of his prize pieces.


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