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  • Bella Dunn

    I love this home. Although I must admit the layout is very confusing. Not sure how large the kitchen is. Confusing but otherwise a lovely home.

  • Daniel

    I like…the granite used on the bar. Not much else.

  • Grrrowler

    I like some of the elements outside, and the courtyards are nice. The interior is not very exciting. A few faux ceiling beams aren’t enough to make it special.

  • Venom

    What is with these homes out there always looking like some sort of resort? I assume that pic #6 is the indoor basketball court. I am not sure if a bunch of windows on a basketball court is a good idea, but whatever.

    I do also like the granite used on the bar. The carved stone entrance looks like something you would see at one of those attractions at Disney or some Mayan/jungle themed restaurant. Pool is okay, needs a giant waterfall feature though and grotto.

    • Mak

      Definitely looks like a Disney themed resort from the front. They should have big carved lions heads that have eyes that turn red at night, and follow you around. Or maybe spit fire at you when you ring the doorbell. They could also have Mayan carvings that have secret buttons, so if you wanted to get rid of someone, you just yank on one of the spears and a trap door opens and swallows the poor unsuspecting Jehovah’s witness. Byeeee byyy babeeee!

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