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  • Grrrowler

    I have to say that I love it. I wouldn’t change a thing. OK, I’d rather not live in Thousand Oaks, but beyond that I wouldn’t change a thing.

  • Daniel

    I agree, it is a beautiful home. Only change I would make is the living room valence and drapes.

  • Matt

    i think i have died and gone to Heaven!!!
    If only this was on a couple thousand acres in the hill country…..

  • Dave T.

    It’s nice but why is it Landry every year? Puts a cloud over the process. Robb Report can’t find great houses outside of Cali, and by other designers?

    • Doug

      It’s a money thing or a connection thing. Either he pays them a lot of money in various forms of advertising or by referring others who advertise or there is some sort of connection (ie. he is friends with or related to whoever makes this decision in one way or another.)

  • Don

    Love the house!! The garage entrance is awesome. Apple Maos has it 90% completed. Corner of Potrero and Stafford.

  • T Man

    Pretty awesome house. That garage is pretty amazing. Only two things that are odd is that game room right in the garage, and why have a desk in the bedroom? Surely there is enough extra rooms in the house to put your home office.

  • Venom

    Damn, just damn, and that garage, oh my God.

  • Darryl

    Wow, you guys really like this? Aside from that garage I didn’t care for any of it.

    • Andrew

      Thank you, that is exactly what I was going to say! I am surprised by all the positive comments above because I find it fussy and fake. (Faux-Italian but with more Faux than Italian!). It’s not horrible, but I would never consider it a ‘house of the year’. ‘Garage of the year’, maybe…

  • Charles

    Oh, what? I thought it was going to be Château des Fleurs, by Hefner & Finton!

  • Oranges

    Though this home is wonderful (as have been the last few Robb Report homes), I wish that the home of the year would have some variations each year. 2013,12,and11 have all been Landry designed French homes with modern touches in California. Landry is an excellent architect, do not get me wrong, I wish there would be some variation (like Dwayne Hagadone’s mansion in 2010).

  • rob

    Great house, but I just don’t see the awesomeness factor that would make this the home of the year. It has great craftsmanship and fine attention to detail and the decorating is quite nice, if a little cookie cutter. The location is just OK. I am not sure how a house gets designated a Robb Report Home of the Year. Is Robb working with the architects and the contractors?

  • Bella Dunn

    I have to agree with Rob, Andrew, and Darryl! I don’t understand why this is The Robb Report’s home of year. Not even close to being a favorite of mine. Definitely not my taste.

  • Scott

    Sorry, Tuscan, in all its forms, makes me ill.

  • Elliott

    Love this garage! I would want the poker table in the garage so I could “go all in” with that Murcielago and maybe win a few of my opponent’s Ferraris, duh!

    FYI There is a very large and rather odd property on W Portero just Northwest of this property. any info on this? the amount of statues and sculptures on the property is what is so odd to me..

    • jay

      The house with all the statues is David Murdochs house of Dole fortune

      • Elliott

        thanks for the reply! If he has that many statues outside, I can’t even imagine what the inside of the house looks like, ha!

  • Margie

    I can say, I have personally walked this home and it is spectacular! Photos never give the emotions that a property can bring. The home has the most incredible craftmanship I have ever experienced! A true masterpiece!

  • Doreen

    Unbelievable home!!! I watched it being built as I live in the development next door. All I can say is, the owners have exquisite taste! I showed the photos to my husband, and he about died when he saw the garage. Just a magnificent home!!!!!

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