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  • Hunter

    WOW!! I’ll take it, awesome looking estate.

  • Grrrowler

    I love the exterior of this. It is exactly how I would want a mountain cabin to look. The interior has such possibility. Some of the spaces are absolutely amazing and I love the rustic details in some of the spaces. Unfortunately I think the current decor is a miss. So many of the furnishings are too frou-frou for the house; the rooms in pictures 4 and 12, for example, feel too frilly and too precious for the house. The room in picture 4 also feels like it has split personality disorder. With a comfortable and unpretentious French country interior it could be stunning.

    The price is already stunning, and it seems like this has been on the market almost forever.

  • James

    No, all the interiors are amazing. Golden bathroom looks like royal palace. The entrance hall made me speechless. Wish i can live here…

  • Matt

    This house is actually really beautiful inside and out. Many of the 20000+ square foot mansions have the most gaudy and garish interiors. This is one of the few exceptions. I love the dining room and the cozy living area off of the kitchen in picture 11(the fireplace is gorgeous). Overall this is one of the top 10 houses on the website so far!

  • Mak


  • Venom

    Holy God this is amazing. Now I am even more pissed I did not win the Powerball. Wow. How has this not sold?

  • Daniel

    Love the house, hate the HDR pics. They make the place look waxy.

  • Scott

    I’m guessing the fact that the property isn’t lakefront is off-putting to a lot of buyers in this price range.

    • mak

      Well, it IS lakefront, just not Lake Tahoe Lakefront LOL…

      Actually, I was thinking the same thing. What good is a 75M place if no one can see it?

  • James

    I guess they finnaly realized that pictures help sell the house? Haha its ok not what i was expecting for how well the advertised it oh well nice house not awesome tho

  • rob

    I usually shy away from these log cabin things because they look gimmicky. This place looks like a true western log palace. I could see this being the hunting lodge of an Austrian duke, if the Western US had any Austrian dukes. The wood work is phenomenal. The only thing I would do is bring in a woodworking expert to examine the detail and the joinery to make sure this is quality carpentry and not just a shiny facade. The ceiling in the dining room is unbelievable. Best one I have seen. This feels like a beautiful American, Austrian, Bavarian palace. The woodwork is amazing and suits the setting beautifully. I like the courtyard entrance through the Port Cochere. I like that the owner incorportated indoor sports for those long cold winters. Nothing like a sweaty basketball game when there is a blizzard going on outside. This house, if the woodwork holds up is one of the top twenty in the country.

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