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  • Puresouthern

    It had me until the galley kitchen. In a 20,000 sq. ft home? Who does that?

  • Grrrowler

    The exterior is one of the more authentically Tuscan-looking houses that’s been on the site, yet the listing describes it as neoclassical. (sigh) I like the exterior and it reminds me of an Italian villa that’s grown over the years. The interior could be really beautiful, but it’s missing something. I appreciate the sparseness of many of the rooms, but the interior design feels half done. The kitchen is ridiculously small for a house this size, not to mention the fact that one has to carry food down a hallway or through the breakfast room to get to the dining room.

  • Michael

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL if you ask me; look at that first picture! I’d add a helicopter landing pad somewhere on the site, and extend the garage space.

    I’m not huge on the colors in the house, but they can always be painted. Also, never really understood the tennis courts at places like this, how many people really play tennis? I think a basketball court would be better.

    The Plains is a very beautiful part of VA as well; very quite atmosphere.

  • mak

    I like most of it. I agree with the comments about the kitchen placement. Unless there is waitstaff, the dining room would hardly be used. I don’t mind it being galley like, because it does open up to the breakfast area.

    Everything else is quite nice. I especially like the long garden fountain/pool area. It can certainly be used for koi, which is a sign of very, very rich people.

  • mak

    oh…I noticed that the family bedrooms all share baths. In a house in this price range, every bedroom should have it’s own bath. Also, It doesn’t appear to have any staff bedrooms. Where is the wine cellar, and the home theater?

  • Daniel

    It looks lovely inside and out. The grounds look especially beautiful. However, I hate the lack of landscaping near the house. Photo 2 makes it looks like a schoolhouse in eastern Europe. I would need something…some planters or even boxwood hedges. Also, the room sizes are a bit modest.

  • NOVA Ben

    I love the exterior. I too would prefer some more landscaping in the front, instead of the brick going right up to the home, but that’s a minor quibble. I agree with Grrrowler on the interior…it’s generally nice but feels somehow unresolved. As others have said, the kitchen size and placement is problematic for a home this big.

    The setting couldn’t be better in terms of beauty, but there are a couple of oddities in that department…The Plains is firmly entrenched in the middle of Virginia Hunt Country, and this is a HUGE equestrian area…many of the horses in the United States Olympic equestrian team come from this area. Despite this, there’s no mention of horse facilities on this property, which may not be a big deal to me personally, but for an estate in this price bracket in this location, that’s gonna be an issue for many. My other complaint is the small acreage. 61 acres is a lot in some places, but it’s rather small here, especially for $21 million. Yes, the home is big and of good quality, but I’d expect a couple hundred acres for this price.

  • Venom

    The land is phenomenal and the house is not to shabby also. This should sell fast.

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