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  • Donald

    Great house! You would never have to leave, gym, wine cellar, ocean, calgone take me away.

  • Grrrowler

    The bayfront location is nice, but I’d prefer the ability to have a boat dock instead of the beach. The house itself is meh.

  • Rob Collins

    Liking this house. Seems to have it all. Simple livable and inviting.

  • Jay

    Enjoyed viewing this home. Like the different finishes on the floors, walls, media room is cool. Voted for the Master Bath contest, hope I win the Kindle.

  • Daniel

    Uh. Seen it 1000X before. Yawn.

  • Robert

    Wow! The pool area at night is breathtaking! The night lighting makes it so inviting. I wanna be there!

  • John

    I love the outside lighting on this house, amazing how it features the details.

  • James

    I agree, the house is beautiful, The open area, the detail from the crown, trim, lighting, and the beach…… I would be on that beach every night drinking a Mi-Ti watching the sunset.

  • lambskin

    Awful interior design. So outdated. Love the beachfront.

  • Mary

    This is such a classic house, and it’s not chasing the trend of the day. Classic in my mind equals, the style remains. Also love the gym, wine room and the castle like style of the front and back of the home. WOW on the outdoor lighting… This is a home I could live in, “it’s got it all” and is a practical living home.

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