24,000 Square Foot Oceanfront Mansion In Laguna Beach, CA On The Market For $65 million | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Daniel

    $65 million and no driveway? No thanks…

    • andi

      There’s a drive way; it’s on the left side.

      • Daniel

        Hardly. That’s a path to the garages. Can barely fit 2 cars on there. Street parking only for guests from the looks of it.

        • andi

          Uhm, looking at the picture, and cars on the street which are probably construction trucks, it appears you could fit 6 cars in the drive and the garage probably has at least 4 slots.

  • Grrrowler

    Laguna is my favorite CA beach community, but $65 million? There are a lot of really nice houses in the area for a whole lot less money.

  • Steve

    fantastic location

  • Bella Dunn

    Once again another grossly overpriced monstrosity squeezed on a small lot. Need I say more?

    • John

      If the lot is really 1 acre, then it’s not necessarily a small lot. Perhaps the house is too large for the lot and perhaps this is the nature of construction in prime residential areas close to the ocean

  • Mak
  • andi

    I believe that’s Irvine Cove, an older gated community just south of New Port Coast. One Acre on the Beach in a gated community in Laguna Beach is pretty special and rather rare. This isn’t Smithcliffs but still an acre of ocean front in Laguna is rare if you know the area (Smithcliffs was torn down and subdivided into tiny lots). The price seems a bit high but it might sell. Those familiar with the area will notice that it’s in a small protected cove with not many neighbors and probably hard to get to or even see unless you have access to the community or a boat. Yes, you could find cheaper ocean front housing on the beach in Laguna, but not any with an acre of space and on an elevated private lot. I love that there’s a nicely proportioned pool and I bet the views are amazing. The house on the lower left has always been a favorite of mine as well. That one, juts out on a cliff and is visible from the highway. This new one looks pretty special and pretty big.

  • Nick

    Here is a link with a few exterior pictures and some information on the house.


  • Doug

    I would like some of whatever these people are smoking because it must be pretty potent. My uncle owned an oceanfront house in Newport for many years, its a great area. But it is NOT $65 million worth of greatness. Hate to say it, but I don’t even think it’s worth anywhere near that. I’d say it’s actually worth a little more than half of that.
    Orange County has some of the nicest coastline in Southern California, but someone looking to drop $65million on a house isn’t even going to be considering anywhere in Orange County, unless of course they’re from there. For “only” $10 million more you could’ve bought Howard Marks’ place in Malibu, which is on WAY more land, is scaled properly to the lot, has a guest house, etc. For LESS than this house you could also have bought Terry Semel’s mini-compound, also in Malibu, or any number of spectacular oceanfront properties in the Hamptons or Palm Beach or Santa Barbara.
    Orange County is also a really odd location in the sense that its a really desirable area, but really not that convenient in terms of its proximity to Los Angeles. It’s fifty miles, which isn’t that much until you account for the always wonderful Southern California driving conditions. By car you’re looking at 90 min on a good day, and more than two hours on a bad day.
    Basically there’s just no market for a $65million dollar house in Orange County, never mind that it’s not even worth that. They have a hard enough time selling $30 million homes in OC and $50 million homes in LA. These people just need to put down the crack pipe, take a Xanax, and accept the fact that their home is not worth as much as their oversized egos tell them it is.

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