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  • Daniel

    I need to give this props for at least being creative in some of the rooms. The foyer looked amazing in the thumbnail but close up it looks off – looks very much like a movie set. The white floors really mess it up as well. Living room and library are cool. Kitchen needs to be ripped out. Rear of the home looks like 3 different homes in one.

  • Last Man Standing

    This is one of those homes that can be either hideous in the vein of Herman Munster’s house, or real old world classic. It all depends on the furnishings. Some houses make it or break it on their bones but this one is all about how it is decorated.
    The dead fish on the walls are out of place in the two story office/library (I’m a sucker for those), but the dead animals on the wall of the man cave along with antique maps, steamer trunks and elephant tusks by the brass railed bar and shooting case speak of Colonel Smedly Buttler’s lates safari.
    Not to many houses are either completely at one end of the spectrum or the other.
    Checking the place on Bing maps, the neighborhood could go the same way. It’s one rural block away from major roads and office parks. Fill those fields with similar type homes and you have an enclave. Fill them with apartment complexes and you have a few white elephants.

  • John

    Dont know much about frisco…similar to southlake?

    • Matt

      Frisco is very similar to southlake, but in a better location(IMO). A 2007 Forbes study named Frisco as the seventh-fastest growing suburb in the United States. Also, In 2011, CNN listed Frisco as one of the Best Places to Live in the nation, and Forbes ranked 7th in its list of “America’s 25 Best Places To Move”. It as awesome shopping (the stonebriar mall which i visited yesterday), and it is close to McKinney, Plano, and Dallas.

  • Mak

    haha…never seen a home staging that included stuffed animal heads on the walls. Kind of grotesque. Same with the fish. I guess they’re trying to appeal to the man of the house LOL, but guess who makes the final decision? The LADY of the house.

    This is like old english meets backwoods texas.

  • Venom

    I love it, it is very nice. Red carpet in the gym needs to go though.

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