11,500 Square Foot Mediterranean New Build In Beverly Hills, CA Available For Rent | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • le

    Throw in the Audi as a house warming gift and it’s a deal.

  • Grrrowler

    Can I have the R8 instead of the house?

    The exterior isn’t horrible, but the interior certainly is.

  • Daniel

    This really belongs in Newport Coast. Past the foyer and it goes downhill quick. Rooms look so gloomy.

  • NOVA Ben

    Exterior really isn’t bad at all, but there’s literally ZERO personality inside. I was almost too bored to make it through all the pics.

  • Joseph

    Am I the only one that finds these rented mansions to be stupid. Rent this palatial monstrosity for a monthly rental of only *insert absurd price higher than what the average family makes in a year. I’ve never understood these. If you can afford that, why not buy a mansion, even for a temporary amount of time?

    • Daniel

      I thought the same thing. The only way I would rent one of these is if I was transitioning from one mansion to another and needed somewhere to stay while the new place was being re-tailored to my standards. However, I would rather stay in an exclusive hotel instead of blowing a couple hundred grand on nothing. At least in a hotel I would get the amenities and staff to do everything.

    • NOVA Ben

      In a place like Beverly Hills, you’re gonna have a big enough pool of people looking to do what Daniel describes for it to make sense. Here in the closer-in suburbs of DC, you get diplomats who sometimes do the same thing, especially if they’re in the process of building their own home. I agree with your fundamental point, though. It does seem silly, whatever the reason.

      • NOVA Ben

        I apologize for that, I’m not sure what happened. These commenting glitches are really starting to get old.

  • Venom

    Beautiful place, I love it.

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