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  • Grrrowler

    It’s too bad that most of the period elements are gone from the house. I absolutely despise the furnishings, but the house itself has nice bones. A different contemporary interior could make it stunning.

  • Daniel

    I’m sure it’s lovely, but it doesn’t have a lot of character. Quite boring really.

  • Andrew

    I wonder how much they expect, the price must be astronomical as it appears to be in a very good location… and 13 parking spaces? I suspect they are outdoors, in some sort of courtyard not a proper garage but still, that’s pretty amazing for Paris.
    I wish they’d include floorplans in the listing!

  • Rebecca

    I like my French chateaus, but this is ok.

  • Markus

    I agree it’s mostly the furnishings letting it down as the architecture and fittings are great.

    POA…i’d expect 40 mill euros at least in this location (I assume it’s in the 16th)/size.

    • AR

      I’m sure you and your gang of “boy-lovers” will love to romp and rave in the pink rooms..tool

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