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  • RM Benjamin

    90,000 sq ft?

  • Tony

    double that, 183,000 sq ft.

  • WrteStufLA

    I have no idea. But hopefully the “reveal” will include the location of this property.

    • Kenny Forder

      Yup, it will 🙂

  • Daniel

    130,000 sq ft.

  • Scott

    130,001 sq. ft.

  • Grrrowler

    37,000,000 square feet. Looking at the various styles of buildings, I’m guessing this is somewhere in a Baltic country.

    • c

      37 million sq.ft.? Put the crack pipe down.

    • Dilettante

      hahaha at 37 million square feet it would be the largest residential complex on earth by a HUGE margin

  • Don

    40,000 main house
    26,000 other houses

    So 66,000!

    And Kenny, you better post details about this place!!!

  • patsy

    around 182,000 square feet. And I presume it is a European retreat for some obscure middle-eastern royal.

  • Bobby

    206,000 sq ft

  • Clark

    I think its the saudi kings summer palace in italy, 70,000sqft? Main house.

  • Cam

    Ahhhhh, Id say all of it alittle over 90,000. Some of these buildings don’t seem to be residential though?

  • mack

    137,000 sq ft

  • Damian

    118,500 sq. ft. And what a beautiful compound it is!

  • realwiddit


  • ken

    Well dont know the sq ft, but know the location, its Switzerland and Saudi prince part is correct. Had no idea there were so many buildings to the complex though

  • Tamem

    I think somewhere around 197K!


    201,000 sq / ft

  • Ns


  • Matt

    175,500 square feet. Main house is quite boring looking too.

  • Venom

    122,000 sq.ft

  • Venom

    122,000 sq.ft

  • Venom

    122,000 sq.ft.

  • mak

    Are you asking for the sq, footage of the footprint of the combined buildings, or are you asking for the footage of the lot?

  • Kenny Forder
  • jed

    You would think that a compound like that would be on more land.

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