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  • Daniel

    A very, very cool house. A bit of an airport feel to it, but I think it is spectacular. Photo 4 would be enough for me to buy it. Only thing I question is how obscene that koi pond is. Screw the fish, I’d turn it into a spa! Now about that location…

    • Daniel

      PS. I think it is unbelievably cool how the water feature from the koi pond goes all the way into the house and under the foyer. I just wonder how long it would be before condensation, muck, mold and the other associated terrors would start showing through…

      • Venom

        My aunt did that in her house 20 years ago. Of course you have to live in a warm climate to do it. Hers was not as large as this. She ran it like an aquarium with goldfish and whatnot in it and a pump and filter and never really had any issues I can think of. Hers was half inside the house and half outside the house with the water extending underneath the staircase.

        There is a Chinese restaurant in London, Ontario that has a glassed-in stream in the floor running through the whole restaurant. That is one of the most badass things I have ever seen in my life, no idea whether it is practical though.

  • Grrrowler

    I absolutely love it. It’s textural, it’s dimensional, it has surprises, and it uses a perfect combination of man-made and natural materials. This is an excellent example of how a modern house doesn’t have to be cold and unwelcoming.

  • Mar De Espana

    It has nothing on El Nido:


    I wonder where this house is…

    • Derek2

      The house is located on the corner of Calle Las Merinas and Calle 4 between the town of Puerto Banus and Marbella, Spain. This is my favorite house by A-Cero Architects. The house sits high up in the hills overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

      • Mar De Espana

        Do you have the coordinates? I can’t find it.

        • Mar De Espana


          Google doesn’t even have the house! The image is so old.

          • Derek2

            Try this address on Bing Maps. (Hope it works)

            “Calle 4, 29602 Urbanización Cascada de Camojan (MA)”

    • Daniel

      Eh. See, that one feels like a giant tomb or mausoleum. Definitely prefer the Johannesburg home.

    • Grrrowler

      It has some interesting architectural elements, but it feels very cold. It’s like the Vladislav Doronin house in Russia: http://www.decoist.com/2012-11-21/futuristic-spaceship-home-for-naomi-campbell/. It’s interesting, but if the interior is anything like the renderings, it will be a sterile-feeling house, unlike this Johannesburg house.

    • Anthony

      Love the massive cantilever that El Nido has, along with the edge-less pool. Apart from that, it is far too monotonous for my liking.

      • Mar De Espana

        The only thing I hate about it is the interior. It is so tacky…

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    Definitely and conclusively this one looks like a convention center for the performing arts, a long with museum offices for memberships. Plenty space to dine for tourists and visitors. One thing missing is a box office to get tickets, but in a space such as this, I am sure it could be arranged. I do see a space in the fifth photo, where there could be a gift shop.

  • Anthony

    Stunning house. That staircase is a work of art. The only thing I would change would be a few of the light fixtures.

  • Hunter

    Absolutely spectacular, a piece of art that you can live in. Really something else, whoever gets to live here is lucky!

  • Venom

    Fantastic home, I would but it just for the staircase. Unfortunately it is in crime ridden South Africa.

    • Bea

      It’s in Kyalami Estates. A big, very secure and beautiful estate with dams, parks, abundant birdlife and a very relaxed lifestyle.

  • Titan Paul

    This would be a great vacation house for this summer!


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