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  • Sam

    The views outside are beautiful, however the house itself could have been designed alot better with the space provided. The facade looks extremely unbalanced as the portico section takes up much of the front part of the house, it should belong to a much larger house with two additions either side of it. The portico section looks quite bland, the missing window beside the door looks odd and the door itself could be replaced with something much more impressive. I would think of knocking this down and rebuilding something on the 68 acres

  • Daniel

    Exterior looks like a movie set. Interior is nothing to write home about. The library is the best room IMO. Lovely view. Pricey…

  • Grrrowler

    The first picture looks like a miniature model, or a very example of tilt-shift photography. The front facade is wonky; the windows are all way too small which throws off the proportions. The interior is not good. It feels like someone was trying to find a balance between casual and formal, and it ended up not being successful at either one.

  • NOVA Ben

    Blech. I don’t see much I like here. Grrrowler is very right concerning the tiny windows, that bothered me too.

    Photos 2 & 3 back-to-back make it all too apparent how misleading over-saturated photography is.

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