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  • Daniel

    Exterior looks very flimsy. Interior…ughhhh. Honestly, how many of these identical living rooms have we seem? Bare beige walls, two story wall of glass, and an awkward fireplace/built-in combo. Zero creativity. Good grief, they even managed to screw up the office. Only room that looks decent is the one in photo 10.

  • Grrrowler

    The interior looks pretty, from a distance, but closer it’s cluttered and overdone (and cheap looking). The interior falls on its face and ends up being as bland as bland can be. Describing this as “beige” makes it sound far more interesting than it really is.

  • John Appes

    What do you mean, flimsy?

    What is that cylindrical white thing above the house, seen in Google Maps?

    • Daniel

      It looks like a movie set. The front facade doesn’t convey a sense of permanence. I get the sense that if I knocked on the columns or exterior walls I would get a hollow sound.

  • Hunter

    Although I find the inside boring and bland, that can be changed with different furnishings. I rather like the exterior, and don’t get a sense of flimsyness at all. I really like the property, that can’t be beat no matter what you think of the house.

  • lambskin

    I don’t think the exterior is too bad-the views are lovely and I dig the pool and pool house. But the interiior is awful and locating the wine cellar in the guest house is a bad idea unless I am a guest!

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