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  • Al Robinson

    Whenever I see videos or pictures of giant homes “empty” like that, I always have that same “empty” feelings towards it. All it is is floors, walls, and ceilings. It’s hard to imagine everything inside it yet. I am of course, very excited to see what it will look like when finished, and furnished. I think even the size of rooms is hard to just when they are empty like that because there is nothing else size-wise to compare to.

    • Al Robinson

      Hard to judge (not “hard to just”).

  • Grrrowler

    I’m curious what it will look like when it’s done. Looking at the renderings, it doesn’t seem like the level of detail on the exterior will be what it needs to be. Since it looks like a Mini Biltmore I would expect the detailing to be on that level, but I doubt it will be.

    • ZigZagBoom

      Yeah, I agree. Maybe I’ll change my mind but if the CAD drawings are any indication, this will be a somewhat tragic lost opportunity. (Truly tragic would be such a monstrosity taking up a desirable bit of real estate, like Santa Barbara or the LI Gold Coast) How ’bout scaling it down and actually hiring an architect who knows how get the detailings correct? Hey, at least it’s not being built of wood framing!

    • Joe Schmoe

      Doesn’t have to be when it’s not quiye meant to be a residence. Think along terms of an embassy.

  • Dave T.

    Plans? Do you have them Kenny?

  • Andrew

    Started in 2008, this mansion has now been in construction for close to 5 years and it still looks only half-baked at best. It might employ some unusual technologies but come on, it took less than 6 years to complete Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world…

  • Daniel

    Call me a snob but even covered it in pure platinum and sapphires I still wouldn’t live in that part of the country. I’m curious to see the final product, but I doubt it will be anything spectacular.

    • Grrrowler

      This area of the country is truly beautiful. A lot of my extended family lives in this region and has for generations (my grandmother is buried less than 5 miles from this house). For art and culture, Branson is only a few miles south (yes, that’s meant to be a joke). But seriously, for outdoor activities there are tons of things to do.

      All that said, I can’t imagine living in this part of the country either.

  • Chris

    Well…..I always did want a massive ass palatial estate in the middle of nowhere. LOL Just kidding. But hey, if he’s got the money to pay for it, let him build it. For all we know the area may hold special value to him. I am curious to see what it will look like when its finished.

  • Chris

    I think, if its finished correctly to the highest form, this house could easily be a palace with opulent and amazing rooms on a level unseen since the Gilded Age. I don’t think it will be though.

  • Venom

    I just don’t understand why someone feels the need to build something this large. My house is pretty large, not remotely close to the size of this house, but still larger than most people would need and I certainly would not build this size again, or at least allocate the size a lot differently.

    I guess this house and others like it are a way to run it in other people’s faces and say you have made it and so on, and I understand that, but they are pretty ridiculous in the long run. The chances of selling a house that size anywhere is damn near impossible even in the prime real estate markets and out there it is impossible, so you have to resign yourself to the fact that you will die in that home and hope your kids want it also. Even if you literally gave it away probably no one would want it, a literal white elephant.

    The only homes this size that somewhat make sense are for the Middle Eastern families that have multiple wives and dozens of kids and multi-generational households. This house will probably have 10 people max.

    Instead of building this house, he should have spent some of the money for therapy for his insecurities.

    • Joe Schmoe

      This guy is just a straw man. This is liken to a COG facility. Lots more beneath the basement.

  • ZigZagBoom

    your submission form isn’t working so I’ll recommend this:

    As a place to feature. The Mellon family donated the core collection of the National Gallery of Art.

    • NOVA Ben

      Kenny already did a post on that home.

      • ZigZagBoom

        Doh! thanks!
        I’ve never really explored the tag list…I should have caught that it had “DC” though.

      • ZigZagBoom

        But, does anyone notice that none of Kenny’s old posts actually work? Is that deliberate?
        I tried escaping the URL and it still doesn’t work (not that it should matter)

        • Kenny Forder

          No, why would that be deliberate? It’s something to do with the theme and WordPress. I’m still trying to figure out why it does that to some of the posts.

          • ZigZagBoom

            Sorry Kenny! It’s just that, since the old posts actually appear to be _gone_ versus malfunctioning, it seemed like they’d been deleted.

          • Kenny Forder

            It’s okay. Well I find that when I “update” the posts, they re-appear. Click the link you posted, it should work now.

          • ZigZagBoom


  • Rick Wrinklebottom

    This house was featured on an episode of “Conspiracy Theory” by Jesse Ventura. Since the guy obstensibly building it heads a defense contractor, apparently it’s rumored that the size & length of time it has taken to build is because it’s really a front for a secret government bunker/facility that would be a secure location (in the center of the country, in the middle of nowhere, etc.) in the event of a major disaster.

  • Nightmoves

    Check out the episode of History Channel’s Decoded they did on this place. Maybe there is some truth to the speculation on the show. Based on the comments here the common thread is why would someone build this?

  • DC Scott

    I live just up the road from here and the house it self is in a semi-rural subdivision of upscale homes in the 3000-5000 sqft. range, but nothing remotely of this scale. The odd thing is, the guy chose to build in the middle of nowhere, but the home is visible for miles. You can clearly see Pensmore from Highway 65 which is the main highway between Branson and Springfield.

    There are government vehicles that are seen entering and leaving the property daily, and hundreds of people on the job site every day, there seems to be A LOT going on for it to be taking this many years. There is definitely a lot of local intrigue as to why this man decided to build here. The basement level is designed to withstand a nuclear fallout and support life for a year. When the home is open for touring later this year most of the basement or ‘bunker’ will be off limits. Not sure what that’s about.

    As for why anyone would live here, the area definitely has its charms. It’s a rugged and beautiful landscape with a lot of frontier history, it feels like the wild west. Plenty to do outdoors, and our weather is always exciting to say the least. Springfield has some affluent parts, and some nice historic housing stock. I go to Missouri State and will probably leave for the East coast again after, but I can see why my parents chose here. Branson however, does not have much culture to speak of. I try and avoid Branson if at all possible.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Bingo. Huff is just a straw man. It’s either a COG facility or a Illuminati embassy hold if you would.

  • Ty

    You say according to the plans when talking about some rooms, Can you post the plans?

  • mac22

    A government conspiracy theory already surrounding this house? Did the construction not involve rerouting a stream or constructing a dam with a few bridges and various government agencies had to be brought in? Maybe that is the reason for the official vehicles coming and going, but as a secret bunker? Come on, if it sticks out like a sore thumb and is visible from miles away and from nearby highways, it surely doesnt sound like a secret bunker/government facility to me. No its just another really overblown and poorly detailed and mind numbingly bad mega-house that cant hold a candle to Biltmore or any other early 20th century mansion. From the photos and the video the exterior detailing is flat, dull and horrendously bland. I fully expect the interiors to be equally as cheap and bad as the entire construction to date. Such a monstrousity and a waste of perfectly good concrete.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Very close by is a underground facility where corporations and gov’t store sensitive things as well as some housing and manufacturing. Even retail. This could very well run under this house or very close by it. Think about this. The White House is viewable from all angles. But if you tried to get anywhere inside the fence, lest you were invited, you’d find death in under 20 yards. It would take them that long to establish a theory that you were a threat. As if hopping the fence would not be enough. As well, you can go on google maps and see a massive tunnel coming from it’s side out into the open. It’s right off of North Woods Rd off US 65 just SE of Highlandville.

  • Catlinann

    Some of the comments on here make me shake my head. The house is a test house. It’s being built in MO because the laws/building codes there are pretty lax(meaning: he can try the new building techniques he wanted). He’s doing different heating types in different areas of the house. Also, he’s said that he plans on opening up the house for artists and such to live in it at certain times. It’s not intended to be his main home. He’s using his own funds to build the house, but he bought several companies that he’s using their fairly new technology to build the house, to test and use as advertisement. Showing that his new companies can build/work with large hospitals and such. From his first interview it’s been said this is a test project.


  • lambskin

    ‘Pensmore’-I call it ‘Nomore’.

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