The Penthouse At Mansions At Acqualina In Sunny Isles Beach, FL On The Market For $55 Million | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Daniel

    Indian Creek Village palace > Sunny Isles penthouse.

    It does look pretty awesome, but let’s not forget this is Sunny Isles Beach. Not Bal Harbour. Not Miami Beach. Sunny Isles Beach. I guess if you’re a billionaire jetset type of person and want some place to escape for a couple weeks at a time this would be ideal, but I’d much rather own a large compound or even just have a nice 200’+ yacht.

  • Grrrowler

    There are some nice features to the penthouse, but the price is preposterous.

  • WrteStufLA

    Me likey!

  • mac22

    The glass bottom pool is Awesome! Great looking cool contemporary interiors and it is just pefect for the shore. No it’s not Miami but Sunny Isles is supposed to be the next big thing. Either way, the price is crazy but the place is unique, fun and gorgeous.

  • Bella Dunn

    I love it. No complaints here.

    • Barney

      Bella, just a quick question…..when was the last time you were in any of the Grosse Pointes?

  • Sam

    I love it too, the only that would scare me slightly is the glass bottom pool, it looks like its hanging off the edge, I couldnt imagine leaning against it and looking down I’d be petrified of the glass breaking.

  • Chris

    Its not Miami, Bal Harbour, Palm Beach. The price is a waste of money.

  • sov

    wow. I love it!

  • Randy

    The developers are obviously creating hype for their trophy building with this outrageous price tag . This is Sunny Isles, not South Beach ….Are they trying to market to the local Hasidic Jews, because I doubt the rich Russians want to be here .

    The renderings are so gimmicky . The oceanfront winds 47 floors up are not condusive for outdoor loose overstuffed chaise lounge pillows, outdoor chandeliers, and delicate ficus trees. Is that an outdoor piano I see ?…lol

  • Tony

    What the hell is keeping the rain out? It looks like it is open to the outdoors. Is that piano water proof? I don’t see what is separating the outdoor terrace from the interior part of the condo.

    • Daniel

      In photo 4 you can see the accordion glass doors.

      • Tony

        That looks a hot mess! I just saw the doors now that I re-examined the picture. But those all glass flimsy doors aren’t gonna hold up well in Florida right on the ocean. I can see rain and wind coming through those flimsy accordion doors. Plus Florida has hurricanes. This look like a death trap. And why is the piano beyond the accordion doors. If you were to close those doors the piano would still be out in the rain. This just looks unrealistic.

  • Doug

    ugh, I just don’t get it when people spend so much money to move to Florida and then just buy a god damn high rise. If you have this kind of money you go to Palm Beach and buy yourself a fucking real house. That is unless, you’re a Saudi or Russian, then by all means go to an apartment building in Miami, that seems to be where all the tacky people go nowadays.

    Randy, the Russians will go anywhere they can find tacky. The Hasidics would never buy this place.

  • Venom

    I can think of nowhere in Florida I would spend over $12 million to live, not even boring Palm Beach. I would probably pay $6 million max to live in Boca and that is about it.

    Only a foreign idiot buyer would spend $55 million in Florida.

    • Tony

      I’d pay big money to live in Palm Beach on a large (5 acre plus) oceanfront lot with a large 25,000 square foot plus main house.

  • Schoenfeld

    When u have $ spend it anyway u like. Don’t be a HATER!

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