The Mega Mansions That Food Built

Who knew food could make someone THAT rich? Well, here’s a look at “The Mega Mansions That Food Built”. The owners of these incredible mega mansions all made their money by selling some sort of food product.

Mega Mansion #1 – Pictures #1-4 - This mega mansion is located off of Pelican Crest Drive in the guard gated Pelican Hill community of Newport Coast, FL. It is owned by Paul Merage, the founder of Hot Pockets. Paul and his brother David Merage co-founded the frozen microwave snack Hot Pockets, Lean Pockets, and Crossiant Pockets. The brothers later sold  Hot Pockets company to Nestle for $2.6 billion.

It is easily in excess of 30,000 square feet and features a tennis court, guest house, swimming pool and a pool house!

Mega Mansion #2 – Pictures #5-8 - This mega mansion is located at 5501 W Hamilton Road S in Fort Wayne, IN. The estate is owned by Richard Freeland, who has been the President and CEO of Pizza Hut of Fort Wayne, Inc and six affiliated companies that own and operate more than 40 Pizza Hut franchised restaurants in Indiana and Ohio. It is supposedly over 30,000 square feet in size and cost $35,000,000 to build. It was designed by Charlan Brock & Associates.


Mega Mansion #3 – Pictures #9-12 - This 40,000 square foot mega mansion is located on Stone Gate Road in Louisville, KY. It is owned by John Schnatter, who is the founder, chairman, and CEO of the Papa John’s pizza chain. The castle-like mansion was designed by Don Evans, an Orlando architect. It also has a multilevel subterranean garage with 22 parking spaces, an office for valet parking, a built-in car wash and a giant motorized turntable to help move limousines. It is divided into 14 parking spaces for the family on one level and eight spaces for guests on another, with an elevator between the two floors. John had a net worth of $402.6 million back in 2006, a figure that has definitely risen over recent years.

Mega Mansion #4 – Pictures #13-16- This 26,000+ square foot mega mansion is located on La Jolla Farms Road in La Jolla, CA. It is owned by supermarket billionaire Ronald Burkle who had a net worth of $3.2 billion in 2011. It has 9 bedrooms, 13.5 bathrooms, a gate/guest house, tennis court with pavilion and a swimming pool.

Mega Mansion #5 – Pictures #17-20 - This 25,000+ square foot mega mansion is located on Holland Drive in Cumming, GA. It is owned by Tommy Bagwell, who is the CEO of American Proteins, Inc., which processes livestock byproducts for use in products such as dog food and cattle feed. It features a multi-level garage, swimming pool, tennis court and is waterfront!


  1. The La Jolla house looks lovely. The rest, not so much.

    • Actually I never even saw that post until now, so no. I just came up with it after re-posting Paul Merage’s home yesterday. So, it’s a coincidence, but thanks for your concern.

      • haha “but thanks for your concern” I couldn’t have but it better. Especially since yahoo news has the least original content ever.

  2. The California homes are impressive. Honorable mention: Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach built by Marjorie Merriweather Post!

  3. Let’s not forget Jenny Craig’s (now former) house:

  4. Why would you re-post a house you posted less than 24 hours ago? It’s not even another of significance or merit other than being another bloated SoCal mega-manse. It’s almost insulting to your followers.

  5. Wow! food can make you some serious money. I don’t think any are that great other than the La Jolla mansion. I am intrigued by the Kentucky home. it’s somewhat gauche but none the less I have to say it has some very interesting design features and the way it hugs the pondside cliff works for me.

  6. Hey Kenny, I like how you used the theme “houses that food built.” You should do this more often. For examples “houses that hip hop built” and show houses of rap moguls or whatever. I think that would be cool.

  7. Another thing, I don’t see how that guy built a $35,000,000 mansion from just ownder 40 Pizza Hut franchise locations. It seems like you’d have to own the whole Pizza Hut company to be that rich.

  8. I made a typo, I meant to say I don’t see how that guy built a $35,000,000 mansion from just owning 40 Pizza Hut franchise locations.

    • 40 franchises, $300,000 a store annually, $12,000,000 a year in income just from that, more than enough to build a $35 million home. I assume he owns other business interests and investments so his income is probably closer to $15 million or more a year.

      That being said, while Fort Wayne Indiana is a very nice town, I have serious doubts about anyone being able to spend or willing to spend $35 million on a house there. My guess is it is probably closer to $8-$10 million.

  9. You could do houses that Mortgage ripoff artists built. Or how about the houses that reality tv starlets built? I could think of a number of themes. The houses built by rich malpractice lawyers. The houses built by One Song Wonder’s built. Or how about The houses built by rich people who never worked a day in their lives?

    I can think of LOTS of lists.

  10. shocking how much money bad pizza and hot pockets can make an individual into a billionaire. go figure?

    It is a nice theme though, grouping like properties together based upon how the owners made or inherited their fortunes.

  11. Great post. Love it Kenny.
    I hope this becomes a regular feature on the site. “Houses that xXxXx built”. There are so much of them to cover. Wall Street/Hedge Funders, Music and others.

    Kenny, how about Beverly Park? I read Eric Smidt is selling his Beverly Park estate at 60 Beverly Park, which was originally built by Finton Construction, and later expanded into the compound it is today. Would love more info on this estate and generally the rest of Beverly Park.

  12. or you could do the houses that whiney bitches built and show the trailer parks of most of the readers.

    • Yours included…

    • I’ll have you know that my trailer is considered to be the nicest one in the park. Well, at least it is now that the east side of the park got blown away by the tornado last week. OK, so it’s not the nicest one in the park, but it is the nicest upright one in the park. So there…bitch!

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