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  • Justin

    Uh… did they leave out the Ecclestone purchase or has my memory gone fuzzy and it was in ’11?

    • Justin

      Just checked – July 2011 – time flies! haha

  • Daniel

    Penthouse at 15 CPW <3

  • Grrrowler

    740 Park and 15 CPW are my personal favorites from the list. There are several others I’d gladly take however!

  • Randy

    – Did Shiek Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jaber Al Thani buy the $90m One 57 Penthouse AND the $47m townhouse too ? I understand he was looking for extra housing for his staff when in town, so this makes sense . The Shiek couldn’t get in any co-op because his security detail with automatic weapons would be based around the building and in the lobby when he is in town. Shieky, you are a fuc*ing Baller !… if you every want a party wingman, give me a call .

    – Mr Stroll and Mr. Chou, best buds and biz partners, each bought their own $50m floor at One 57 ? ….. dudes, you are both Ballers !!

  • Peter

    The photos won’t change for me. All I get is the first one.

  • Randy

    The list missed Dan and Anna Benton’s December purchase of the penthouse at 730 Park Ave for $36million . They also have a $21million duplex downstairs that they purchased in 2007.

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