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  • Al Robinson

    Wow!! Villa Taj for just $3.1 million. Yeesh!!

  • Venom

    Someone paid more than $1 for that pile of garbage, really?

    • Al Robinson

      I agree with you in that Villa Taj is a mess. It just seems funny that the people who built it thought that they would ever get anywhere near $25 million.

  • Daniel

    1) LOLLLLLLL!!! Really though, it isn’t that funny. Soooo much marble and wood wasted on that crap.
    4) Interesting home, but too many damn windows!

  • kris mccleery

    LOVE #3 !

  • Grrrowler

    !) Just tear it down already.

    2) I’d like to see pictures of the interior (as would everyone else I’m sure).

    3) Gorgeous.

    4) Beautiful interior, but the exterior has an institutional feel to it. The number of unadorned windows is what does it.


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