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  • Filip

    What a great interview! He seems such a great guy!

    Do you know, Kenny, what building is that pool from and what is that 70,000 sq. ft. project he is talking about?

    It would be lovely to know more.

  • Daniel

    Thank you Kenny for allowing us the opportunity to ask and have answered any questions we had for one of the top builders in the country. And thank you John Finton for providing some fascinating answers and giving us a small glimpse of what makes you “tick”!

  • Tony

    I can’t believe John Finton actually answered our questions. I thought he’d be too busy making GAJILLIONS of dollars lol. THANKS JOHN FINTON!!!!

  • Ewan

    The 70 000sq ft project he is talking about is Chateaux Des Fleurs at the corner of Stone Canyon Rd in Bel Air.

    I love the response he gave on not judging or making judgment call about someone else’s lifestyle, in regards to the rich building mega mansions.

  • Filip

    Thank you, Ewan and Kenny, I presumed it must be that one, but was a tiny bit confused since the square footage didn’t match.

    I love how sincere he was about the costs! So if Château des Fleurs has 70,000 square feet, it must’ve cost at least $56 million to build. If you calculate the cost of the land and the architect, it must be a lot more.

    How much dooes then the architect cost? Can anybody make a guess? For a project by any of these most frequently seen names for projects in Los Angeles, such as Landry, Manion & Hablinski or Offenhauser?

  • Filip

    P. S. Which house was that pool from? 😀

  • Grrrowler

    Thanks John for answering all our questions. And thanks Kenny for facilitating the Q&A.

  • CM

    Kenny– you should use a different picture than the PRE renovation Aniston house.

    Thats when she bought it not the renovations he did, its almost insulting toact as if that mess is his work.

    • Kenny Forder

      He sent me that picture and told me to use it.

    • Bean supreme


  • C

    Interesting read. I would like to see some exclusive pics from him on some of the newer projects as his website is a few years behind it appears.

    Also CM, Finton did the first renovation to Aniston’s house– she then bought it. He renovated it for the previous owner not Aniston— I am not sure if i like his answer or think it’s truthful unless she hired him again to do the second round of renovations she did after she bought– which is entirely possible.

    Also, the San Vicente house Kenny wrote about a few weeks back has officially hit the market with more pictures…


    I have to say– I LOVE the foyer. In general I really like the interior of the house. Not sure I’m nuts about the cheaped out East Coast vs. Georgian-ish limestone exterior Landry originally designed it with tho.

  • Venom

    Nice insight from a master builder. That indoor pool area is wonderful.

  • mac22

    Great to have some feedback from the other side but I think the responses were all carefully measured and fairly generic. He doesn’t want to play favorites, doesn’t want to pick a certain style or piss off a past or future client by saying something negative about their homes, taste level or lifestyle. People always say that their favorite project is their next project. Come on, such a cop out. Also “My favorite style of home is simply one well done” Really? Who says that? Nobody in the building profession is that non-committal. Everyone has an opinion. But bottom line is that he is willing to build anything….so if the client wants gargantuan scale, bloated, garish, over the top, ridiculously out of place, and tomorrow’s white elephant, sure, I will build it for them as long as they have the budget. Sure 70,000 sf? I bet there are plenty of valid reasons for building that warehouse sized home.

    I just thought his responses would be more personal and revealing about the type of homes he is asked to construct.

    The contemporary home exterior featured is actually his best style of work.

    • Ewan

      Yeah, that’s why i asked the question on what his favorite architectural style is. I had a short twitter chat with Mohamed Hadid a few weeks back, and he also gave me the “i usually built the homes as if it’s for me, or i built what the client likes, so i don’t have a favorite”.
      By the way, Hadid was the one who “bought” Le Belvedere on Nimes Rd in Bel Air. The project was facilitated by someone else (client asked him to built the home), and he later bought the home. He has been living in the home for over 2 years now. (Check his twitter page for daily pic updates on his mansion).
      He is currently busy with a new project, excavation is already underway.

  • Bella Dunn

    John Finton is the only builder coupled with Richard Krantz who could save Newport Coast from itself. I am hoping to see more work from both in Newport Coast.

    • Fil

      What does that mean?

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    Fantastic interview and some amazing work here. Thanks for this, Kenny, and I hope this interview means that we’ll get to see more of John’s work in the future.

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