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  • Daniel

    I’ll give them credit for at least attempting to have something different other than the typical beige interior. The exterior would look 10X bigger without the oversized, Embassy-Suites inspired porte-cochere. I actually like the contemporary decor they used. Certainly fits the place better than any Fauxterranean interior would. All it needs are some actually seats or sofas in the theater and you’re good to go. Puts most of those new-build London interiors to shame IMO.

    • Daniel

      10X better*

  • Chris

    Wow. I usually don’t care for residences with modern/contemporary decor, but this one is amazing. I love it. If I owned it I wouldn’t change a thing.

  • Grrrowler

    The exterior is simply horrid. It really does look like a motel. The porte cochere should be taken away. The interior is decent. There is a lot of beige, but it’s beige done well. I think the different levels with railings make it really interesting, especially in the game area. It’s also nice to see guest rooms that have been given some style, which seems unusual.

    There are a few things that I don’t love however. I pity the poor maid who has to dust the floor to ceiling shelves in the entryway; hopefully she’s not afraid of heights! The kitchen is open to the formal living room; it’s a nice kitchen (other than the walls on each side of the stove) but if someone has a crew cooking for a dinner party, the guests get to sit in the living room and listen to the noise. The monolithic chimney breast in the master bedroom is overwhelming; it would have been less so had it not been in black.

  • lambskin

    Not a fan of aquariums and the placement of this one along the wall of the bowling alley is stupid -to look at the fish you must walk onto the alley. Would you have to put on bowling shoes to view and dodge gutter balls?

  • Justin

    The interiors look like a lot of small/med sized less expensive Australian new builds. Not bad but that Porte Cochere is awful.

  • Chance

    I agree with the general consensus. The interior is surprisingly good, but some of the exterior I don’t care for, and that’s excluding that horrid porte-cochere.

  • Chris

    I have seen this home in person. That horrid porte-cochère looks much nicer in person. This is a massive house and really doesn’t look as out of place like most of the pictures make it look. The problem with most pictures is objects that are closer tend to appear larger than they are.
    Grrrowler said it well “There is a lot of beige, but it’s beige done well.”. I have not been in this home but the outside is amazing. I would love to find out who designed this home.

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