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  • Daniel

    Honestly, when did clubhouses become so popular as single-family homes? They put way too much emphasis on the entrance archway. Not crazy about the interiors. Family room is nice, but the fireplace is too big IMO.

  • Grrrowler

    The entrance arch is way too much. Without that, the approach to the house would be a lot more attractive. I think the house is relatively attractive close-up. The interior has some good spaces, with the great room being the most interesting. It’s too bad this has the same boring heavy wood furniture that seems to appear in about 80% of these houses. How DO these people all manage to find the same furniture? I’m not sure why there are large bunches of weed being dried over the kitchen island.

  • John

    Price doesn’t seem too off

  • lambskin

    Awful pool area- looks like a hotel pool.

  • Chris

    I’ll pass. Not that great of a house.

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