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  • Grrrowler

    Looks to be some nice work. I like the second house here, but it’s disappointing that the exterior is stucco instead of stone. The first house here is probably the nicest, with the exception of the 1950’s themed diner (I hate those), and the too-red theater. The other rooms looked very nice. Actually, now that I think about it, every house I looked at on their site had at least one decorative WTF moment, although I realize that may not be the builder’s fault.

  • Daniel

    Not bad. House #2 is my favorite.

  • Chris

    The house in pics 5-8 is my favorite. Its gorgeous!

  • lambskin

    I love photo #3 with the swimmer in the pool. A very effective shot-plus the pool is awesome.

  • NOVA Ben

    They do some nice work, and I agree with several other people here that #2 is my favorite. I do agree with Grrrowler concerning the choice of stucco over stone, though. If anyone’s interested in binging that home, the approximate address is 9009 Congressional Pkwy, Potomac, MD

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