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  • Grrrowler

    Kenny: Your link goes to the listing for a New York townhouse.

    I want to like this place, and I think I would with a proper interior. As it shows in the pics, the “decor” is horrible. Working with the existing bones and installing a well-thought-out decor could make it lovely.

    • Kenny Forder

      Damn, the stupid Christie’s website always does that.

  • Randy

    I assume this apartment is on more than just the 4th floor because of the staircase . You have to admire a very important duplex apartment in Paris like this. It’s a shame they hired Kamora Lee Simmons to decorate . How about those gaudy red velvet dining chairs with delicate cane backs …..the first overweight dinner guest would blow the backing out in a minute.

  • Daniel

    Stunning architectural details. The same cannot be said for the furnishings, with the exception of those in photo 6.

  • Nick

    These people need to learn what a rug is and what a painting is…could really make this place a lot better with some lovely paintings hanging up.

  • Randy

    I agree with Nick, but the reason why one room lacks artwork on the walls is because the room is oval . How do you hang artwork on the walls of an oval room ? …….I could never figure that out

    • lambskin

      With a nail.

  • mac22

    Exceptional architecture. This is what all those gaudy mcmansions strive to be but end up looking like third rate brothels. This is elegant. Love the floors and panelled walls.

  • rob

    Beautiful, but pretty small. The value lies in the quality of the building and the location. I think this is in a great location just by trying to look out the windows at the adjacent buildings and maybe a park. Just saw Homehunters International today and saw someone pay almost 5 million for a real small place that looked like a rundown tenement. Not even a decent kitchen and a tiny bathroom. I think this place is probably between 15-20 million. Someone call them and request.

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