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  • Grrrowler

    I kind of like the exterior. It’s reminiscent of an older Austro-Hungarian country house, although I could do with a little less roof in the front. The interior alternates between plain and gaudy, and overall is just awful.

  • Daniel

    I wouldn’t mind the exterior if it didn’t have the giant portico. Is that the kitchen in photo 9?

    • Kenny Forder

      Yup, sadly that looks like the kitchen -_- haha

      • Grrrowler

        I thought it was part of the billiard room!

  • Chris

    Well, I love the history of it. It looks like a Russian new build to me. Still a nice property though.

  • mak

    If you google this place, you will see it mapped. It’s backyard is a major league dump. Horrible.

    • Daniel

      Yikes. Pulling out of the front gate with the view of the graffiti covered bus stop would get tiring. And yes, that back yard looks like a junkyard.

  • lambskin

    Is the pool edge and floor painted concrete? Yuck. Not a fan of this house at all.


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