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  • Grrrowler

    Well, I certainly can’t accuse this one of needing color. I actually think it’s a charming house, but some of the interior fabrics are a little too exuberant for my taste. Still, it’s got character, and life, and energy, and I love that. I would personally get rid of the chairs in the entry way since they make it look crowded; I love the fact that there’s a fireplace in the foyer however.

    I would also normally complain about a front-facing garage door on a house, but on this facade it adds to the carriage house look and it works. The place could stand some better landscaping near the house, and the gravel drive needs a clearly defined edge to help it look less unkempt.

    • The Last Man Standing

      Nailed it on the first post. Not having a defined drive is just plain lazy. It really detracts from what is otherwise an attractive front.

      My other thought is who left the flashlight on in the fireplace?

      Now add in some landscaping, as you mentioned, especially in the back, and this is a keeper.

  • matt

    absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • Daniel

    Charming, and certainly with a lot more character than 90% of the new builds we see in this state. Not crazy about that attached, single-car garage.

  • ted

    the layout is kind of strange, but then again it is a 1960s house. the decor is very warm and quirky.

  • Chris

    Charming and lovely. I don’t like the detached garage though.

  • NOVA Ben

    I always cringe when I see the word “charming” in a home description…it’s kind of become a dirty word in the real estate biz, something that usually translates into “needs serious updating” but this home is wonderful. It’s got gobs of character and that’s something that’s truly lacking in many new builds, regardless of where in the country you’re talking about.

    I love the fireplace in the foyer…I can just imagine lighting a fire for an evening when guests will be coming over…it’s just a fabulous thing to have right in the entryway when you’re greeting guests, especially during the winter holidays. Elsewhere I just see a supremely comfortable, inviting place to call home. The kitchen leaves something to be desired, but the home’s been updated very tastefully pretty much everywhere, and while it’s obviously an older home, it doesn’t suggest 1960 (in a good way). I particularly like the master bedroom, with the one-and-a-half story ceiling and dormers.

    The landscaping could use some work, especially the patchy, half-dead grass around back, but goodness…that rear elevation if heart-melting. Love it.

    • ZigZagBoom

      “it’s obviously an older home, it doesn’t suggest 1960 (in a good way). ”

      Exactly. Considering how many ugly homes there were in that era (and I don’t mean quintessential midcentury modern; I mean the places that couldn’t decide what they were) it’s aged remarkably well. I feel like, in terms modern “traditional estate architecture”, the peak was in the 1910-20s, then a gradual decline went on until the mid 50s, when they fell off the cliff. If you told me I’d have to live in a randomly selected mansion from the 60s or 70s, I’d definitely choose modern style if I had a choice…any other decades I’d go for traditional. I don’t want to live in a french chateaux with the bay window from a rancher stuck on – the Colonial revivals, Tudors, etc. from that period have some real issues. Things started to improve in the 80s, but, as it is today, only for the architects who know what they are doing.

  • lambskin

    Huge issue with landscaping- gravel drive (you all know how much I hate these and now you can sese why-the upkeep is diffic ult). The back yard has crappy grass-and there is really no interesting patio, gargen, fountain or gnome(hehe) to break it up. Since this place has ten acres, what do the other nine look like?

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