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  • Chris

    Its nice, but it screams narcotechture to me.

  • Grrrowler

    I kind of like it. I could do without the religious iconography, but it’s cool in a baronial sort of way. It does seem to be in the middle of nowhere, but maybe San Miguel De Allende is a hot vacation destination. Me, I’d rather be on the ocean somewhere rather than landlocked, but this area obviously appeals to some people.

  • Daniel

    Very overpowering but cool at the same time. Those two ceiling fans in the master bedroom look ridiculous though.

  • Jason

    WOW! I won’t call it an architectural marvel, but it certainly is impressive. A little finessing of the architectural details and some furniture re-working might make this a stand out.

  • Hunter

    WOW!! I’d take it for the first view alone! But the rest of the palace is very nice, when can I move in?? Party time!!

  • mac22

    San Miguel is certainly a popular vacation spot, an old silver mining town that has been “re-discovered” by transplants from the US and England. The town is beautiful and this home is a wonderful second home. I would move in a heartbeat

  • lambskin

    Isn’t there a land restriction similiar to England? I thought that a house could be sold either freehold or lease depending on the property’s history. Also I thought that Mexico prohibits foreigners from buying oceanfront property.

  • Coon

    Having been to SMA, its an amazing place with tons of expats (both American and Canadian). It’s very high end, think elder Cabo clientele. The city has strictly enforced colonial building code, which is so key. At one point all cities in Mexicos looked like SMA, then modern times and corrupt politics took over. SMA is definitely a rarity. I’d like to see the actual context of this house as most of the houses there are built on similar tiny colonial era lots. The angle of the first picture might make it look more overwhelming than it really is. Either way, its impressive. I’m willing to bet the owners are American or Canadian, the taste is too refined to be for most rich Mexicans.

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