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  • Randy

    I assume the design inspiration came from that game called : JENGA ! How much for the girl ?

  • G.K.

    After builing his house and moving in the ownerMukesh Ambani has since left the place. After moving into this new house he started facing a series of business setbacks. His brother Anil Ambani had also built a similiar structure and moved in. He too faced a huge business setback and blamed his new house and moved back to the his old house. The brother who owns this house also did the same thing. He started facing setbacks in business and hence prferred to stay in his old house. A waste of 1 billion dollars! Daily Mail did an article on why this house lies empty even after spending 1 billion to build:

  • Chris Kohler

    I often wondered why most billionaires seem to spend relatively little on their houses.
    This may seem excessive to many, but to me it makes sense. If I had 20+ Billions, I’d have no problem with spending 1 Billion on a house. Hell, even if I “only” had 2 Billion Dollar, I might spend half on a house. I suppose someone reading this comment might think to themselves: “Perhaps that mindset is why you aren’t a billionaire.”, but what else are you going to spend that much money on?

    • NOVA Ben

      Yeah, that’ll be my nomination for stupidest fucking comment of the day.

      • Chris Kohler

        Thanks, that means a lot coming from somebody so eager to win that title himself.

        • NOVA Ben

          You’re very welcome 🙂

      • OMNI Franklin

        And who the fuck cares who you nominate? You are just as bad. Considering that you give no reason as to why you feel it is stupid and yet still felt the need to share that you felt it was the “stupidest fucking comment of the day”.
        I resurrect this post in the name of, “I would have sooner, if only your douchebag remark had been in front of me earlier.”
        😀 Dick 😀

        • Creepin’ Creep

          this post is exactly what we need more of in this world: thread resurrections! the more inane the better >:D

    • Aras

      A staff of 600 maintain the home. Utilities, repairs, cleaning, etc.

      Because it costs a lot to maintain a building of that size. Something like that will quickly ruin a fortune. If I had that much cash I would invest it in my families future and not waste it on a money sink like this.

      • Necaji

        You say this now, but considering that fact that you don’t have a fortune, you will never know. Many people say this, but when you live a life with so much money (that will no doubt be left for your family anyways) then you tend to spend a little more. He obviously regrets this decision though.

  • Chris Kohler

    I haven’t read G.K.’s comment and wasn’t aware of this.

    Quite frankly, after what I have written about my own mindset, I must say I don’t get how someone with such an superstitious mindset could become a billionaire.
    Can’t really say that Billion is wasted though. I’m pretty sure that money is better off in the pockets of the people who build that house than it was with this Mister Ambani. He deserves losing that money on a house he in most likelihood never can sell.

  • Sean

    I usually LOVE anything over the top and outrageous. If I had billions lying around I would be tempted to do something similar myself in an up-scale city like New York or London. However. I find this completely revolting as it is right in the centre of Mumbai. I couldn’t live there knowing that if I look out one window I’ll get a beautiful view, but if I look out of another I’ll be looking down on some of the poorest people in the world living in slum towns riddled with diseases and poverty. It would feel like I was rubbing my wealth in the faces of the people who could barely afford to live. The actual building is stunning, if not a little too big and palatial. I just couldn’t sit on my glass balcony in my billion dollar house while I sip champagne and watch children holding dead babies as a tool for begging, (which I saw more than once when I visited Mumbai). Impressive building, horrid location.

    • NOVA Ben

      So just because you couldn’t SEE the misery and suffering in Mumbai (or ANY other city, for that matter) from your billion dollar home in NYC means it doesn’t exist? Great. This’ll be my nomination for runner-up stupidest comment of the day.

      • phoenix

        Your comments don’t shine with wit, too. You are strutting turkey. Have some pills from colic in the liver or get rid of a hangover.

        • NOVA Ben

          I have literally no idea what you’re trying to say…Those online translator services are really not as good as they’d like you to believe.

          • phoenix

            Yo are understand. I’m sure ) Moron.

          • Peach

            Oh come on, it’s obviously the idiomatic equivalent of saying you’re unfunny, a braying jack@ss and should really see a proctologist about that bug in your butt.

  • Grrrowler

    I’ve been fascinated by this since it was built. I’m not really fascinated by the house; it’s ostentatious in ways the defy superlatives and the interior looks like a hotel. What’s fascinating is the what someone must think to this kind of house. Even though many mega mansions aren’t based on practicality, this takes impracticality to a new level.

    The Vanity Fair article is interesting in that it starts off with “So it must be a source of frustration that, notwithstanding her accomplishments, the international press remains fixated upon her house.” and then goes on to discuss the house. I’m also skeptical of the Daily Mail article. If vastu shastra is so important to the family, you’d think they’d have spent a little more time incorporating it into the design before spending several years and a billion dollars building the house. As for the value of the house, it may have cost them a billion to build it but I have a feeling they could never sell it for anywhere near that.

  • Ewan

    That Daily Mail article is wrong and very misleading. The house isn’t sitting empty. The Ambani’s ARE living in the house. They have had 3 annual New Year’s bashes at the residence already, the most recent one being on the 5th of January 2013.
    A huge wedding reception was also held at the house last year.

    Where do these internet “gossip-journos” get their facts? It’s amazing the lies they feed people.

    The house is completed, and the family is living in the structure. Have been for a while now.

  • Daniel

    Personally I think it’s ugly. Much rather occupy the top 2 or 3 floors of the tallest building in a metropolitan city than have my own damn building.

    • Bradley Smith

      How can someone so wealthy be so stupid. Its ugly and a waste of money.. No matter how much you have..

  • GTC

    The most grotesque construction I have ever seen! Let’s consider that the poverty is in India with so many milions living in shacks – I believe the owner should be put to the wall and shut…!!!How come those Indian Gods allow for such monstruosity…??? Nobody yet decided to tear that down…???

  • TiredOfVancouver

    I guess the fun was in building the thing, not in its use.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    NO DOUBT DRAMATIC!!! You can say that this structure has it’s ups and downs. You will definitely need a cell phone here to keep in touch. Does anyone have any close relatives? It has been many stories and levels, since I have seen you. Where would you suggest we meet on the weekends?

  • Venom

    In addition to being hideously ugly, I find it offensive and in poor taste.

  • Joseph

    I’m surprised this wasn’t posted on this site before. This house is extremely excessive and tacky to say the least, and I though that Brazilian Castle House was the worst. In all honesty, they should cut up this thing into condominiums.

    I’ve noticed that a lot of comments here are about Mumbai’s poverty. Although it is a shameless display of wealth to build this here overlooking a slum, it was fairly common in this country a century ago. Chicago and NY were filled with slums and disease with (what was thought to be tacky) gilded age mansions being built blocks away. Who’s to say that this won’t become a landmark 100 years from now?

  • Tony

    Why was this a BILLION dollars? I don’t see it. I have heard of hotels and casinos and whatnot being built for $600 million or less. This isn’t that big of a building and its not spectacular to be a Billion. Looks like just $200 million max to me. And isn’t this in India? I didn’t think the cost would be the same there as NY or something.

    • GTC

      Amen! How come nobody yet realized this and say it openly!?
      Yes – maximum $200M even this is a push…plus in India and the Location is not such AMAZING!. And gues how much the constructions workers must have been paid…??? $5/day on the high side…???

      • Areif

        I smell massive money laundering going on in here….

    • Gary

      replying 2 years late here.. but the cost of land in downtown Mumbai competes with that in NYC or London mainly coz of heavy demand and limited land supply.. (surprise!)

  • Tony

    Well I guess 400,000 square feet is a lot but it doesn’t look nearly as tall as buildings I’ve seen in NY and 27 feet doesn’t seem all that tall. I figured you could build a huge building in NY with like 100 stories for a around a billion. I would think 27 stories in India would be a lot cheaper but that’s just my guess lol.

    • Joseph

      The floors each have different plans. Most towers have the same floor plans for multiple floors, plus the interior of this building is of higher quality (and the ceilings are more than twice the height) than most apartments and office buildings.

      • Tony

        Well I do like the height of the ceilings and I guess the quality is ok for contemporary. Contemporary just always looks cheap to me though lol.

  • NOVA Ben


  • phoenix

    Yes, this house is an example of excess. However, in the Russian there is a saying: don’t need to go to another monastery with its own rules. I want to say that Western man can’t understand Eastern values ​​and lifestyles. I couldn’t live in such a house, but I am not a Hindu. If I was an Indian billionaire, why not?
    Damn … When does Americans are will understand that in the world there are peoples who have other views on life? Western people uses a single standard for the American billionaire and eastern richest. This is ridiculous.
    I think India is the Middle Ages. But India is a country which has a huge history, and unusual social traditions. Who are you to fucking lecture to them? I would call this man a prince or rajah. Raja should have a giant palace.

    • NOVA Ben

      Nobody’s lecturing, only voicing how they don’t understand the existence of a home like this. There’s a big difference.

    • GTC

      He is a fucking idiot my dear f…ing Phoenix…like you…not even close to a $%#rajah.%$^$>!!!! Too bad he realized this after this crap was already built! I bet will be demolished soon!

      • phoenix

        Your brain makes me cry

  • Tony

    For some reason this thing just looks like a game of Jenga. It just looks like after so much time the whole thing will just topple over lol.

  • Success

    During the construction of this home, hundreds, if not thousands were employed and fed their families. Now more than 600 people have the dignity of jobs and putting food on the table – all this because Mr Ambani decided he wanted to build a home that was a part of his dreams. For that I commend you.

    The billion dollars he SPENT went into other people’s pockets and many families benefited!!!!!

    Everyone has their desires, some get to align and see their desires become reality. Whether others like it or not, doesn’t matter.

    Enjoy the wealth you’ve created and maintained, Mr. Ambani and continue to provide jobs for the thousands out there. Enjoy your home!!!

    Not everyone who buys or builds a home is thinking of it as a financial investment. Some think of it as an investment in their happiness for dreams come true.

    I’m sure that each and every one commenting here, is living the life they want in accordance with their financial means, buying what they want etc. If they had a billion or more, who knows what they’d do – I don’t think they’ll be asking what HOTR readers thought of any of their purchases and basing their wants on those responses.

    While the home is not my of my personal style, I appreciate that Mr. Ambani, within the law, has accumulated his fortune and is living out his dreams (which we all have) while providing opportunities through jobs (hard to come by for many these days) and other charities, for others to do the same.

    Live out your dreams and live them well – after all we will all pass away some day and I’d rather do the things I wanted, live the life I wanted, enjoy the desires I dreamed up, without fear of criticism.

    Here’s to living life to the fullest!

    • Otessa Regina Compton

      VERY WELL STATED TO YOU SUCCESS!!! I personally agree with your statement. We are all in the same “houseboat” of sorts; the rich are struggling to keep and the poor are struggling to get. Jobs are what its all about, feeding ourselves and our families. You Success, have much insight, and I am proud myself that you have written this.

  • Teddi

    Well, I’m more than a little late to this party, but I’ll say my piece anyway. IF you have billions of dollars, what else are you going to do with it? You can give away a billion and still have money to burn. There are only so many cars, planes, yachts, islands you can buy. Why not spend it on one main place to entertain all your family and friends. So many people are complaining about it being excessive, but excess is all about perspective. I’m sure buying food and allowing it to go bad might seem wasteful and excessive to the Ethiopian children during their famine. But that’s fine to us. Something goes bad, we buy more. That’s what our income allows us to do. If you’re a billionaire, that income allows you to do things like this.

    Imagine one man employing 600 people just to help run his household. His household, not his business, just his house. That’s 600 jobs that weren’t there before. And that doesn’t include the economic boost of all the laborers and materials that went into building it. As for the location, I much prefer the wealthy to build in their own locales. If he’d done this in London or NY then it would have been a different country benefiting from taxes, employment etc. Instead, it’s benefiting a city that desperately needs people like him.

    And let’s not be hypocritical. NY, is a state of obscene wealth, and yet there are those living in obscene poverty there as well. Just because the state has homeless shelters so passersby don’t have the wretchedness staring them in the face, doesn’t make those people any less homeless.

    600 people. I’m trying to think if I even meet 600 people in any given year. Imagine how much he’s pumping into the local economy just to run that place for a year. His grocery bill alone is probably more than I’ll see in my lifetime.

    As for the house, I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the interior, because the exterior looks like a bastardized child of Jenga and Legos.

    As ugly as I think the facade is, I’m pretty sure the architectural details that went into this are probably spectacular. A 27 story building able to withstand an earthquake of 8.0? I wish all those who were writing articles on this house would have focused more on things like that. So sick and tired of these glorious mansions that are pretty and ridiculously at risk. I’ve lived in South florida through 5 hurricanes, and it never ceases to amaze me how those mega-mansions worth so much have no measures in place to withstand even a category 1 hurricane properly. Seems the least bit of adverse weather either has them submerged in water or you’ll see their roofs flying off.

  • Bidzz

    I have heard worlds tallest building burj khalifa took 1.5 billion dollar for construction. I think he could make such a massive building with his billion dollar which in turn will help in country’s economic development and also a pride for india..

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