A Look At Some Stand Alone Soaking Tubs From Houzz.com | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Grrrowler

    Numbers 6 and 12 are my favorites out of these, and none of the others really do anything for me, at all. It seems like the tub in pic 3 would allow the water to go cold really quickly, what with single-wall metal sides. I’m convinced that number 1 is heavily photoshopped (and not well at that).

  • Daniel

    None of these look long enough for me 🙁

    • Kenny Forder

      Ha! How tall are you?

      • Daniel


        • Kenny Forder

          Wow! Would have never guessed haha

  • Randy

    #8 looks like a big cereal bowl and that rock looking #15 is just wierd . It really does look like all these tubs are somewhat tight. I like a tub to have plenty of room for my favorite horny friend and Mr. Bubble. These are the type of tubs you lower yourself into and don’t move ….so boring 🙁

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