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  • Grrrowler

    House #1 is truly atrocious. It looks unfinished, but apparently that’s how it’s supposed to look. #2, I’m not sure about it. It might be nice, but from above it looks very busy. House #3 has a wonky roof which I’m guessing looks a little overwhelming from ground level. #4 could be nice. The portico over the door looks too big but the rest of it, but the rest of it has potential.

    • bigtony83

      It’s unfinished because it’s still under construction, didn’t you read the description.

  • Sam

    Some of the most hideous and poorly designed mansions I have ever seen

  • Daniel

    Yikes. I guess the neighbors should be grateful that they at least planted grass for #1 – better than having dirt and dust mess up everything. 2 is just plain odd. 3 has had way too much of the front lawn cleared. 4 ain’t bad.

  • mak

    Oh you guys! Don’t you know ANYTHING? #1 is the very newest look in mansions. The style is actually called “unfinished Russian country”. It is supposed to look like it was just barely completed, but uninhabited. This way, no one knows that anyone is home, and consequently, it reduces your chances of being shot. It also cuts down on armed robbery too! Note how the shrubbery looks as if it hasn’t been trimmed since it was planted. Perfect!

    That being said, I don’t know why anyone would build a house like that here in the US, unless of course it’s owned by a Russian immigrant who is just can’t let go of the old country.

    • NOVA Ben

      Teehee, lessens your chance of getting shot. Baltimore joke! Ba-zing!

  • NOVA Ben

    #1: There are no words for this abortion of a house.

    #2: There was clearly a much smaller home here before they added onto it all willy-nilly, and now it just looks silly. Also, calm the f*** down with the skylights.

    #3: No.

    #4: Now here we have some hope. It’s not half bad outside, and is really the only one of the four I’d care to see the inside of.

    • Al Robinson

      Ha ha ha, “#3: No.”. Love it. Too funny NOVA Ben. 🙂

  • Venom

    Wow, a whole lot of ugly and bad taste going on.

    With regards to house #1 if you did not have the money to comfortably build it, he should never have attempted it. Also, it is definitely not 37,000 sq.ft in any universe. The house to the left of it is probably about 6,000 sq.ft, so this is probably closer to 18,000 sq.ft.

    Maybe the people in Maryland should mosey on over to Greenwich CT and hire some of their builders and designers.

  • bigtony83

    This house is still under construction so what are you guys talking about?

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