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  • Grrrowler

    I think it’s beautiful. There are a few things I would change, like making the interior a little less monochromatic, getting rid of the indoor basketball court, and changing out some of the furniture (what’s it the master BR is not great, and there’s too much of it). But, it’s a lovely and comfortable-looking house, inside and out. The price is definitely up there…

    Kenny, you’re missing a very important “R” in the first sentence of the post. Or, at least I hope you are and that house has not been “fist completed”! 😉

    • Kenny Forder

      Oops, thanks 😉 haha

  • The Last Man Standing

    I keep looking for where the guide dog sleeps. I figure there must be a reason why there is no color.
    I assume that, because I’ve never heard of beige and white photography.
    Did I mention BEIGE?
    Oh, it’s a nice place. It’s just the designer needs to be beaten with an iron bar and made to work in a paint factory mixing COLOR.
    Oh, and I’m a sucker for two story libraries. I’d take the place and repair the damage to my sensibilities.

  • Daniel

    Something I don’t like about the exterior…can’t put my finger on why. I think it has something to do with the angled portion of the home and the way the roof looks at the angle. Not enough deviation I think…
    Interior (or at least the filter) makes the place look dusty. There are some nice details inside. The price is really eye opening.

    • george

      Daniel, I would have said the price was “Heart Stopping”.

  • Chris

    The exterior is divine. Perfect. The interior has some very nice elements, and if more color was used, it would look amazing. I’d keep it much the way it is. The price tag is a bit high, but its Preston Hollow and given the current shape of the Texas economy, the house has a decent chance of selling above $20 million. I like it very much.

  • NOVA Ben

    I’m not a fan of the color of the exterior stone, but I think otherwise it looks fine outside. Inside, I really love this home, but there needs to be more color. I really don’t like the washed out/bleached quality that this decor gives the place. With some bolder colors and more adventurous furniture it’ll be a stunner.

  • Matt

    These are some extra pics of the home. I absolutely love everything about this home. My favorite part about it is that almost every room has its own unique, but beautiful ceiling. In my opinion, the best house featured on the whole website by far. Now i just need $30 million dollars……

    • Kenny Forder

      Thanks! You’re right! Love all the different ceilings. This home truly is incredibly beautiful! <3

  • ZigZagBoom

    It’s much better than most American pseudo-chateaux, but I’m not blown away. The scaling of the windows is somewhat off and not historically plausible. The whole facade needs to be a bit taller – surely there are no California-style height restrictions in Texas.

  • Venom

    I just came back from staying in Preston Hollow over Christmas and New Years. My god, Dallas is a dump. Once you leave these neighborhoods it falls apart fast and the downtown is crap and the highways maddening. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to live down there unless they absolutely had to. With the amount of money there, it really should be a more impressive town.

    The homes there all have these gigantic walls and gates, they have some real paranoia out there, especially Mark Cuban with his giant “Armed Guards on Patrol” sign on his gates.

    They do know how to build some gorgeous mansions out there though. There is one particularly massive and gorgeous one on Strait Lane by Royal. It is next to Dirk Nowitzki and a couple down from the Western White House. Monstrous French Chateau owned by a crooked dentist named Richard Malouf that is being investigated for Medicare fraud. He is also suing his neighbors one who is Owen Wilson’s mother. He is currently building a water park in his backyard that will rival Celine Dion’s. In addition to his giant walls and gates, he has massive do not trespass signs and he even has these huge lamp posts that have cameras at the top of them on the street.

    There is something wrong with those people down there. lol

    • Barney

      Ven…..please take a look at my response to your post about 290 Provencal in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI…..I’d really appreciate it & I want to SERIOUSLY thank you for it. Check it out & get back to me, if you’d like…..& thanks again!

    • lambskin

      So surprised to hear about the decline of Dallas re safety etc. It seems to have stable real estate prices and big buck mansions built everyday. I thought both Dallas and Houston were doing well despite the decline in other markets. What is the big security problem?

      • Christopher Williams

        There’s no security issues in Dallas, or Houston. Dallas is a rather pleasant city to visit, and live in with one of the best economies in the country. Hard to pass judgement on the entire city if you’ve only been there once.

  • terrance

    anyone know where I could find a floorplan of this massive house? thanks in advance

  • masyn

    I am in love with this house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would loooooovvvvveeee to live here!!! The exterior and interior are just so elegant and gorgeous!!!

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