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  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, whatever happened to John Finton? Did he ever answer our questions? Did you ever follow up with him??

    • Kenny Forder

      Yes, I did. I’m waiting for his answers.

  • Randy

    A young trader by the name of Andrew Ellingston Beck III bought this place in 2004 for only $5.6 million. He took his multi-million dollar bonus checks and renovated the hell out of this palce going for the ‘artistry antique look’ . Now, a killer pad to bring back some beeotches after the bars and get them naked in the pool . ( yes, im a bit jealous of this douche ) This is NOT SoHo, so he should not get anywhere near his asking.

  • Daniel

    Very dark. Reminds me of the interior of a 1980s home in central Connecticut.

  • Grrrowler

    It looks “off”, but I can’t put my finger on what it is. Maybe it’s the completely unimaginative furniture, or the rather boring wood floors, or the lack of interesting details. It doesn’t really look antique-y, it just looks old.

  • Geoffrey

    this place is about as broker as you can get!

  • Venom

    $24 million for the whole building, right?

  • lambskin

    I don’t get this place It does not seem that a rich bachelor/hipster would furnish it this way-it looks like a mish mash of barn and basement and old house. I know the bathroom was done with a lot of money but ew. I am a pool nut but I don’t like this one at all.

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