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  • Chance

    I really like this place overall, I think it’s done nicely.

  • Daniel

    Well that didn’t take long to list! Nothing new for S. Florida, but I really like it. The transitional interior looks comfortable and is elegant. Could have a lot of fun here. Price is a little high considering this isn’t directly on the Intracoastal.

  • Grrrowler

    Well, it’s got a koi pond, so it gets an automatic 10 points.

    I like this place. The exterior isn’t anything new or unique, but it’s a well-done SoFlo Med. I’m not fond of the mural, or whatever that is, on the side of the koi pond, but that could be painted over. The location is excellent; it has unrestricted water access but doesn’t have to deal with the almost-endless boat wakes from the Intracoastal.

    The interior is really nice. It’s stylish but looks comfortable, and has some interesting details. I’m assuming there are shades on the windows in the cupola over the master bed. I definitely wouldn’t want to get up with the sun every day, but I think the cupola is cool. And, I think the ceiling in the theater is great.

  • NOVA Ben

    It’s alright…blends in with most of the other Meds. I’d like more color inside, but it’s pretty inoffensive. I still find prices this high to be boggling when you have to place a zero in front of the decimal for lot acreage, but I guess if I’m not used to it by now I never will be.

  • Venom

    Nice home. Why does it have two $50 Staples office chairs in the office?

  • Hunter

    Wow, really quite a pad..I love it. Perfection!! Twinkalicious!

  • Randy

    I am really really surprised this house has come on the market…..they seem to have alot of kids who enjoy living there. On weekends, there are ski boats and jet skiis at the dock, basketball games in the driveway…etc. I hope it is not a divorce situation ! My family has a much more modest Winter home on the perpendicular road to this house on Mercedes Drive and whenener cars come down the road at night, the headlights shine on this house…lol . This is a big double lot in the neighborhood which features wrap-around waterfrontage, but its not worth $17m . Right now, a 100′ waterfront dirt lot in Harbor Beach is worth about $1.8m, add a usable house and you go up from there . Daniel noted this is a point lot on Lake Sylvia, NOT the Intercoastal .

  • jdubble07

    Absolutely perfection!
    Personally, if I were Mr. Leighton (and had the money to do so), I’d offer my neighbor $1.5M for his house, tear it down and build a tennis/basketball court or just leave it as an empty field to give myself a full acre point lot. That’d make this easily a $20-25M property.
    As for the home being on a lake, it’s not a true “lake”. It has immediate access to the ICWW and only one fixed bridge to the Atlantic Ocean. I think I actually prefer that to direct ICWW so you don’t have the parade of boats going by your house all day.

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