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  • Grrrowler

    Well this takes monochromatic to a new level. The exterior is nice enough, the front has been ruined by the balcony over the main entrance; it looks much better in the renderings without it. The interior is too stark, too severe, and too uncomfortable looking.

  • Daniel

    Too many perfect angles in this house. Needs a lot more spontaneity and life. Let’s just say I like his French- inspired homes a lot more.

  • Sam

    I want to like it but I dont, I think I prefer the CGI images to be honest. The outcome is very daring and risky and I dont think they’ve pulled it off well. I think the qualitfy of the photographs make it look visually more appealing, the interior is just so cold looking, its a shame because the view from the back garden is stunning.

  • WrteStufLA

    I always find these LA “Megamillions Mansions” that are built on awkward “infill” lots to be annoying — I call it “Hadid Syndrome.” The building lot for this one is obviously the original “backyards” of the two homes that actually front San Vincente. Combine that with the bland “Candy & Candy” interiors, I guess you wind up with a “Candied Hadid.” And for $35-mill? Nah — I’ll pass.

    • mak

      Word. If I’m gonna spend this kind of cash, I don’t want to look out the front door (or out my bedroom window)at the crappy back yards of someone else. I also want street presence too,

      • mac22

        Exactly this mega-mansion faces the rear yard of another house and hemmed in by high walls. No possiblity of showing off to those passing on the street. Flagpole lots never seem to make any sense.

  • C

    I like this house. The exterior is good for a Landry. Considering they paid like $13m for it and a few million prolly building it out the price is insane. I wanted to build it out contemporary like this/ the Eccelstone house when it was on the market as a vacant shell. Did a decent job just needs a good decorator

  • C

    It would look better with the orginal Limestone exterior vs this east coast look tho.

  • C

    I actually have to say I commented before I looked at the thumbnails larger. While I don’t mind it— I am disappointed. The East Coast look isn’t anywhere near as elegant as the Limestone design the house was suppose to be, being that it isn’t Limestone the price is even more laughable. This is a $20m house.

  • Randy

    …I agree, if this house was limestone imagine how more elegant the design would be …Limestone houses give me a boner . Everyone needs to remember that the interior is not done and is a basic blank canvas ready for personalization of the buyer . Start with a boring grey and white palate and the sky is the limit !

  • Dunwoody

    YAWN…..I haven’t liked anything Landry has done in years and this is not helping.

  • george

    For 35 mil I expect beauty, this house is cold and plain.

  • Lonnie

    It’s a shame when the renderings look better than the finished product.

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