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  • Al Robinson

    Damn. Finally seeing the inside of this home, I’m now a fan. Sure, the rooms are bigger than they need to be, but this is a really nice mansion. And how could you not fall in love with that backyard, and view.

    • Al Robinson

      Okay, not a “backyard”, but the pool area and staircases.

  • Randy

    Bill Pennington’s house, the founder of Circus Circus Casino ! May he rest in peace even though his casino/hotel is a dump . Finally, the neighbors in the tract homes get some quiet from that noisey helicopter.

  • Daniel

    Annnd the clubhouse design continues. Sorry, but $18.5 million in Reno?!? The dining room ain’t bad and the view is pretty cool, but the house is ugly and somber looking.

  • Chris

    The front looks like a nursing home. The rear is quite nice. Not too bad of a home. $18.5 million in Reno is hilarious though.

  • mak

    Did he build it before all the cheap houses surrounding it went up? How depressing it must have been to have to drive through such mediocrity to get to his place. No wonder he had a helicopter.

  • Grrrowler

    It does look like the clubhouse for the tract house development surrounding it. Even the front entrance gates look like a country club entrance. Up close the exterior is kind of interesting, but from any distance it’s all roof. The interior is completely forgettable: None of the spaces are exciting and some of the rooms feel tenebrous. It’s kind of funny to see that casino-style carpet was incorporated into the house. Funny in a tragic way that is.

    • mak

      oh god another word I had to look up. GROWWWLERRR!!!

      • Grrrowler

        If you use Chrome you can install the Google Dictionary extension and simply double-click for a definition 😉

  • lambskin

    The back yard is all concrete and pool. I would have preferred less driveway/grassland in front and more grass in the back. This place will not sell for a long, long time.

  • Venom

    This house reminds me of the time I saw this massive drug dealer’s mansion built right in the middle of the ghetto in Detroit. Who is going to buy this house in Reno and in that neighborhood at this price or really any price?

    I think this house was just big for the sake of being big and could have been pared down about 30% or more and been just fine. A lot of the rooms just swallow up the furniture and have tons of wasted space.

  • Al Robinson
  • NOVA Ben

    This would be laughable at half the price.

  • Coon

    Not a bad home but good luck finding someone who will drop $18M in Reno

  • Erica

    Wow beautiful house,but only 4 bedrooms,all those bathrooms?There should be at least 6 bedrooms and then 8 bedrooms.but okay…I like masterbedroom,masterbathroom and closet.

  • Killane

    House is way too big – so much unused space. Tasteless and awful.

  • Andrea Burton

    The mansions in texas puts these homes to shame, I’ve been in reno since 1980 and I’m looking for a beautiful 5-10ksf mansion I have looked at over 200 homes in and around reno , carson city and I just can’t find what I am looking for. looks like will have to move just like so many before me. I’m sure I won’t be the last.

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  • horselips

    Magnificent. A true mansion, designed and built with no short cuts, with nothing left out.

  • suemenow

    Too bad he didn’t create something the city or people of Reno could put to good use after he was gone. I’m thinking of a Moana-Pennington Pool..or at least make the mansion a useable facility…It’s an over sized three bed room, zoned in a residential area…so it sits and languishes on the market. Maybe now that Tesla is coming, some one who can afford it will find it useful.

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