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  • Daniel

    A perfect example of “McMansion”. If I didn’t know better, I would think this was transplanted from a Toll Brothers community on the west coast of Florida. The view is nice, but nothing else about the property is.

    • Venom

      Exactly what I was going to say, looks like someone went to Florida and stole a design from a house down there and brought it back to Australia.

  • ZigZagBoom

    I agree with Daniel. Meh. They have a nice mild climate, but Perth basically has the population of Kansas City but is 2000 miles away from any other civilization. There are only a few more isolated cities in the western world. A humorous Australian woman I once worked with said even Australians consider it to be out of the way backwater inhabited by inbreds.

    • Angela

      Kansas City Population: 459,787

      Perth Population: 1,832,114

      Just a little off….

      As an Australian I have no idea what you are speaking about in regard to Perth being considered a backwater inhabited by inbreds. Perhaps this may have been the case several decades ago, but that is certainly not what is thought today.

      Perhaps you should stick to critiquing the Homes instead of stating inaccurate claims and inaccurate opinions.

      • ZigZagBoom

        OK, the Kansas City _area_.


        I was only repeating with what one of your countrywomen said. Deal with it!

      • ZigZagBoom

        I was being a little high handed but my point remains. It’s a damn long way away from anything else and as real estate agents say “location location location”. Even the super rich don’t have access to supersonic transportation anymore. Most readers of this site are in the US so I thought it was worth mentioning, not only do you have to fly to AU, but then you need another long flight to get to Perth.
        It’s not a matter of anti-Australian bias: I criticized my favorite house ever posted here for being in Scotland, because it’s cold as hell there in summer. I should know, I spent a summer there.

        • Justin

          There is a reason why Australia’s most expensive home was sold in Western Australia – It is where a lot of the richest Australians live due to the proximity of most of the mineral mines. The super rich don’t actually need to go anywhere! The richest woman in the world made her fortune there. As far as “location location location” a lot of people working in the mines bank in excess of $200k a year to drive trucks or maintain the mines so sounds like a pretty good location to me. I wouldn’t really call a 1.8m pop’n city “one of the most isolated cities in the Western world” – and if you are going to call somewhere in Australia “backwater and inbred” it’s a running joke that the state off the South of the mainland – Tasmania – have inhabitants with x amount more toes marrying cousins etc. I’m about an hours drive (90km) from Sydney and I think the travelling distances don’t really phase most Australians as we’re used to it.

          Also I found it pretty funny the tone of “even Australians” given the reputation the Southern states of America have here with regards to inbreds.

          P.S this comment wasn’t supposed to be in a negative tone but you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

          • Justin

            That being said our country can’t be too much of a bustling metropolis or we’d have at least a few decent interior decoraters…

          • ZigZagBoom

            Look, I’m not some Australian hater…I can’t “not know what I’m talking about” when I’m only reporting what an Australian said to me!

  • Randy

    Whoever the wanker that lives here HAS NO IDEA HOW TO DECORATE . What is the meaning of the stupid placement of lone chairs in the corner of the foyer and those cheap pleather sofas in the family room are right out of a house trailer . Im sure all the wine is Australia’s finest Kangeroo Yellow Tail.

  • Joseph

    Wow, this house is the best I’ve seen on this site. The design and style are so original…

    I’ve never understood these Australian mansions. Why are they so unimaginative and uninteresting. This house could be built anywhere. If an Australian house (besides the tacky undetailed boxy ones) didn’t have its location posted, I would be unable to tell where it was built.

    • Angela

      This site only publishes homes of a certain size. Australians generally do not build homes on the same scale as the large mansions of the United States, that’s not really part of our culture, or wasn’t anyway.

      Australia does have some very nice, but smaller homes, the Federation Style homes do have an Australian look, but this style is generally no longer built, and the ‘McMansion’ style has become the common style of new build, as we become more Americanised. Additionally in Perth many of the homes are newly built in the ‘McMansion’ style, due in part to being built quickly in the mining boom.

      • Joseph

        Yes, I really love the federation style homes, there was one on this website that looked really nice. Every country has its share of nice homes and I understand that a good portion of post-war buildings in the U.S. are a bit on the ugly side but modern Australian homes are almost always bare.

        Another reason would be the diversity and tradition that many homes in the U.S. have such as styles with pre-colonial design motifs (Pacific Lodges, prairie style homes, art deco, adobe style, etc.) that Australian homes lack. Although the U.S. has it’s share of mock-meds and mcmansions (and I’m sure Australia has many hidden gems among its new housing stock), it contains architectural styles that distinguish itself from other nations.

        • Angela

          I have been to new Australian homes and I definitely agree many of them are very bare. In regard to distinguishable styles, my only thought is perhaps this is due to Australia being a relatively young nation in comparison to the US. Australia federated in 1901, becoming a Commonwealth country, whereas the United States declared independence in 1776 (trusting Wikipedia on this date) cutting ties with the British. Perhaps the US’s earlier independence is responsible for the greater number of styles present there. Just a theory…

      • ZigZagBoom

        Yes, most of the Commonwealth World has not been swept away with the obsession with size over quality that has typified the “upper bracket” of American housing since the 1980s. There are huge piles in the UK proper, of course, but they are mostly historical. I was struck when watching We Can Be Heroes Now and Summer Heights High (I bought the DVDs from AU well before HBO picked up the series) that Ja’mie’s house was not as ridiculously large as an American location scout would have chosen for the residence of an equivalently bratty Beverly Hills girl.

  • Grrrowler

    McMansion is being overly kind to this place. The best I can say about it is that it’s relatively charm-free.

    • mak

      Wow. This place could suck the soul right out of you.

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