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  • Daniel

    A big, shiny house with zero architectural significance.

  • Grrrowler

    Unless you arrive with 20 of your friends, that entrance foyer is going to feel mighty cavernous. Then again, those 20 friends could help hide the terrible staircase from view. At its best, the interior is bromidic. The only space I remotely care for is the dining room, but I’m not sure why there’s a Barcalounger in one corner.

    • mak

      Now that’s a first. I actually had to look bromitic up. lol

      • Grrrowler

        And this concludes our Friday Word of the Day 🙂

      • Tony

        When I first read what you said I thought you said BROMANTIC. I thought you were talking about something totally different lol.

        • lambskin

          With a designated ‘gift wrapping room’ be assured one would have 20 friends to walk in with.

  • Chris

    I wonder what the architect and homeowner were thinking when they commissioned this residence.

  • Tony

    All I gotta say is cheap and tacky!

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