10,500 Square Foot Mediterranean Stone Mansion In A Gated Subdivision In Dallas, TX | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • mak

    I like the fountain in the back.

  • Daniel

    Exterior is interesting, but I have a feeling the exterior stone isn’t going to look all that good when it really starts to age. Interior is odd and minus the faux-finishing, plain.

  • Grrrowler

    I like the general exterior design, but there’s too much stone; it looks like Scotty’s Castle in Death Valley. The interior is completely unremarkable.

  • lambskin

    I really do not like this house and the inside is worse than the outside.

  • Killane

    Love it actually. The color scheme is beautiful, the use of water in the courtyard is quite interesting. Grand foyer, yet still seems liveable. Excellent pool/hot tub in backyard with a cool fountain. If it ages well, nice house.

  • jason

    This house was built on spec and designed by a noted Dallas architect- Richard Drummond Davis. It`s located in The Creeks @ Preston Hollow. The exterior is quite unique & works, unfortunatley the buider- Crescent Custom Homes is known for building garish, nouveaux riche style homes. This is what happens when a good design gets mangled by a less than capable builder. Well I should say, the quality is good, but the design brought in is baddd.

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