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  • Daniel

    3 by far.



  • Alex

    Based on Location, Location, Location… 2 by a mile. None are to my particular taste though.

  • tony

    If it were my only house, 2. If it were my 2nd house, 4. If I wasn’t repulsed by ATL, 3. Why would anyone vote for 1?

  • rob

    Between 2 and 4, but in the end 4.

  • Bella Dunn

    none. not my type of architecture.

  • Chris

    1. 36,000 sqft in Moscow.

  • Grrrowler

    #3 is my first choice when it comes to the dwelling itself, but the location would make it the third choice. If I were really going to buy one of these, it would be #2, mostly because of location.

  • Randy

    The townhouse seems like a great buy at $10million . 109 East 81st Street is a prime area just off Central Park . 5,000 sqft, 20′ wide, renovated updated interior, and a beautiful rear garden …. I wish I could afford the $38,200 per year tax bill or I would buy it…lol

    Michael Pellegrino with Sotheby’s New York has the listing

  • Hunter

    #4 then 3..4 is a wonderful place in a beautiful location. 3 is really sprucer as well. I’ll take each for 6 months a year. No thanks to 1 and def 2..I guess if I had to live in NYC I’d take 2, but I have no desire to live there, only visit..

  • Randy

    After consulting with my current girlfriends : Natasha, Tatiana, and Svetlana , I change my favorite to #1


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