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  • Daniel

    Exterior looks like something you’d find in North Korea. And forget about owning a sports car…the entrance angle to the garage is impossible. The interior is….um….quirky. Yeah, that works.

  • Brian

    Not sure what Daniel means about the angle to the garage… Doesn’t look that bad to me. And at least this place is “interesting,” and I wouldn’t call it pretentious, either. But I can’t imagine who would actually BUY this (assuming they were already in Prague). And the dining room raises (or lowers) the meaning of eclectic to a new high (or low). As the French might say, très amusant.

    • NOVA Ben

      The angle at the bottom of the incline is more severe than it probably looks. Anything lower to the ground than your typical luxury sedan may be taking bites out of the pavement. And a Ferrari or Lamborghini? Forget about it.

      • Brian

        OK, I’ll take your word on this… I can see what you mean. Thx

    • Daniel

      I had the perfect video from Top Gear (the one where they race the Zonda, F430 and Ford GT in and around Paris) to illustrate my point. Mysteriously disappeared…

      • Grrrowler

        This is the one you’re after: http://youtu.be/tFbG-4VWqpA.

        And, unless the camera lens has skewed the perspective at the bottom of the ramp on this driveway, it will be much worse than what’s in the video.

        • Daniel

          Yes! I posted it with a nifty start-time and everything…somehow it disappeared later in the day. Detected as spam perhaps?

          But I’m glad people know what I’m referring to.

  • rob

    tis quirky. I would pile all the furniture up in a big pile in the front yard and burn it while we all did a quirky dance. That being said, I like it. It looks cozy and comfortable. Lots of weird little details. Kind of a neat place to hang out. Would be a nice house to come over to to stay in Prague. Don’t think I could live there full time though. But it is definitely interesting.

    PS. Kenny, are you doing something with your site, like overloading it with cookies or running stuff in the background. Your site has started to take forever to load and jams up other stuff I am doing. Right now my music is skipping and jamming up while your site loads.

  • Chris

    The front exterior has an art deco vibe, which I love. Everything else needs to go.

  • BJ

    “In Prague ve have joke for you. Rich man asks: ‘Iz possible to solve problem vich has no solution?’ Starving architect replies: ‘Ve do not answer qvestion related to architecture.’

    Ha. Come now, ve drink vodka and design house inside and out, yes?”

    And that…is how this house happened, I am convinced.

  • NOVA Ben

    I think the reason I can’t bring myself to even remotely hate this place is because it doesn’t seem to take itself at all seriously, and I don’t think the owners do either. It’s when a home is pompous and bombastic in its attempts to impress you that it falls flat on its face, and this one doesn’t because it’s playful. I could never live in it, mind you, but I like that it exists.

  • Grrrowler

    Quirky is probably the most diplomatic word you could use to describe it. This is the architectural equivalent of a bad acid trip. There almost aren’t words to describe how terrible this is. Prague is such a beautiful city, but this would qualify as a zit on the that architectural beauty. This is yet another example that money and taste are not synonymous.

  • mak

    This is another one of those houses that would just totally mess with your friends heads. Think about it…you bring a bunch of people together…all sorts of different people…like your BBW galfriends, a couple of muscle beach types, sprinkle in some EU policy geeks, some OTT dragqueens, several artists of known repute, a few skinheads, some gypsies and then invite your regular friends over…all at the same time. Think what an awesome job you would do on their brains. Throw in some windowpane acid and this place would rock.

    Think of the possibilities people!

    • rob

      Ummmmm????? BBW galfriends? OTT drag queens? Can you translate. Some of us have not led very interesting lives. I met an artist of ill-repute once.

      • mak

        BBW: big beautiful woman
        OTT: over the top drag queens

        you know…regular folks,,…

  • harris

    Great post and nice images. The front exterior has an art deco vibe, which I like it. thanks for posting it.

  • dan

    This home should be in Los Angeles. Then used as backdrop for a modern sitcom. Words fail me for a description. Nutty. Thats the best I can come up with. On the good side: the house does not offend just amaze.

  • Teddi

    I love the word “quirky”. It’s what the listing agent will probably have to describe it as and use euphemisms like it’s a personal’s ad.

    You know, like:

    Voluptuous = Fat
    Athletic = Flat chested
    Distinguished = old
    Quirky = Too hideously ugly to be believed but it’s a word that will get you in the door and hopefully you’ll like the bones of the house

    I’d never have come up with quirky on my own. Kudos. To me it looks like the decorator for Genie’s lamp married a Solid Gold costume designer and consulted with Liberace on aesthetics. Good heavens.

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