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  • iulianpojar

    From a real estate developer this house is a statement.

  • Daniel

    Truthfully, it’s pretty hideous. I love how the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor portion of the front are almost identical. In many places it just looks like someone took a single-story home and stacked it two or three times. File this under “overbuilt white elephant.”

  • Grrrowler

    I would believe that all of two or three hours were spent designing the exterior. Daniel’s word “hideous” isn’t nearly strong enough. Repugnant, atrocious, dreadful, loathsome…there just aren’t words to convey how truly awful it is. Just more proof that size isn’t everything.

    • ZigZagBoom

      Mind numbing architectural banality…how does that sound? It looks like a Marriott Residence Inn and a 1890s French Gothic Mausoleum had a bastard child.

  • Al Robinson

    I think this is a mansion without a true “front” look or feel to it. If you look at the back of the house, it almost seems like that is the unofficial “front” of the house.

    You know people would probably be impressed if you had to walk up a flight of steps and also past a garden, just to get to the front door.

    Besides, this place is probably awesome on the inside, better than the facade.

    • andybmw7272

      Totally, it looks like they built it with the architectural renderings backwards…. “Whoops, that was supposed to be the back of the house….”

  • Doug

    Idk what it is, as terrible as this thing is, I just cannot stop looking at it. It’s like a burning train wreck, just so terrible you want to cry, but yet get some secret subconscious joy watching it. I cannot imagine just how incredibly self conscious this guy must be to build this house. It’s not even the size, it’s just so in your face that its sad. This doesn’t even attempt to hide the fact that its only purpose is to be big and impressive. But not impressive in a good way, it’s just impressive like in an awkward errr I guess this guy has a lot of money way.

  • mak

    This is obviously a house built by someone who came from nothing, and who is desperately trying to make everyone know that he has something now. There is no other explanation. He must be a difficult person to live with, as his whole motivation is to show you that he is more successful then you are ALL THE TIME. It is commonly known as grandiose personality disorder.

    • Doug

      Actually you’ve made me think that maybe he has multiple personality disorder and each section of the inside is designed to the taste of one of his personalities?

  • Scott

    Wow, I’m sure the neighbors are thrilled – because, obviously, there’s not enough land in Pennsylvania for Mr. Nocito to place his eyesore on an appropriately sized lot (of, say, 1000 acres, tucked away from the human eyes it is currently scorching).

  • Randy

    Mak is right… I bet the owners are insecure and they need some sort of statement to tell others ‘they have arrived’ ! Their favorite vacation desination is probably DOLLYWOOD and driving home one time they stopped to tour Biltmore Estate and they said ,’Yea Haw, I want a house exactly like that”! This place is a Baronial castle style mess based on redundancy of design . With all due respect, maybe the owner has irritable bowel syndrom and he really needs 21 bathrooms .

    Very odd, I googled this house and another site came up listing the sq footage as 32,400 ??? Also, the owner just bought the country club accross the street .

  • Chris

    Wow, someone clearly overbuilt big time.

  • Bcurranjr

    I think I threw up in my mouth a little. As if the house wasn’t bad enough, get a load of the schizo landscaping. This has classic developer all over it. Poor to ignorant design quality and for all that money looks cheap.

  • Chrisk

    here is a drive-by video of this monstrosity

  • Killane

    awful. just awful. a home of this size needs to be on a huge amount of land… and have, you know, some sort of exterior architecture to it. This is just gross.

  • Ted

    that’s my video 🙂

  • RickAce


  • hc

    gross and without a hint of creativeness–screams “please look at me” because I have little taste.

  • Green Eyed Warlock

    Revolting. In every possible definition of the word from every language on earth. Yet another Walmart warehouse pitifully masquerading as a “home”.

    • Christopher Williams

      Agreed, no one needs a “home” this size. This more like a compound than anything!

      • Joseph Johnson

        Who are you to impose your personal ideal on others? We all have different taste ,wants,and needs.


    this guy is under federal investigation for fraud.

    • jxs9

      Behind every fortune is a great crime.

  • jxs9

    It looks like it will be awhile before he can see this house. He was just sentenced to federal prison for 16 months.

    • NightMoves

      That was his son.

      • jxs9

        Maybe they can get joint father/son jail cell. Son defrauding banks and father tax fraud.

  • jxs9

    LMAO!! He’s under investigation for using business funds to pay for this mansion and evade income taxes.His secretary already plead guilty. Behind every great fortune lies a great crime

  • Guest

    TACKY ! Could he possibly pave over any more of the yard ?!

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