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  • Sam

    This long on the market, only to come down to the original prices? Potential buyers will be waiting for more price drops. I don’t understand why one would decide to build a they want to charge almost 60 million for in New Jersey.

    • Kenny Forder

      Like I said before, it will probably go for around $30 million or so.

      • Chris

        Agreed. The $30 million range seems most likely. At $49 million its a tad overpriced for any region other than Palm Beach or Beverly Hills.

  • mak

    It’s a shame that they’ve played this price game. It gives a potential buyer no confidence that the price they are considering is a market based price.

  • Daniel

    Still overpriced. I just don’t see why someone in a position to buy a home like this would even take the asking price seriously. At this point, it’s like a speed limit. It’s merely a suggestion of what one should pay.

  • Chicago

    Where is this 11 car garage?

    • C

      Exaclty— I never see the 11 car garage…

  • Deedubya

    Peep this….a four car garage shot in the gallery. (must be more)

  • Tay

    The longer this home sits here exposed to the elements and unoccupied, the lower its worth, it’s true for any house, no matter how luxurious. At this point, this is not a new home anymore, gotta get realistic with your pricing and quick, because if they don’t coming up pretty soon, then they are kinda f***ed…

  • Brandon

    That is really ridiculous,this value rises and falls,should maintain the same price when announced in 2010.
    Because they will not end up like the other LA, also from 2010 to Palais des Anges was in my opinion the only French style home that could compare with Fluer d ‘Lys, the price was the same as the Stone mansion USD 68 million dollars, and eventually left for less than USD 40 million Dollars.

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