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  • Daniel

    Ummmm. If I was a resident in one of the buildings I’d want to know why in the hell they’re selling the clubhouse? And an option to turn it into a private home? What’s next, are they going to sell the lobbies in the buildings? The guard house too perhaps? Heck, buy the guardhouse and install a toll system. So f-ing pointless, and at the asking price even more so.

  • Chris

    What idiot would even want to own an 80,000 sqft mansion in the middle of Vegas? This is just hell to the no.

  • nalin

    this place is officially broke. so many of their units are empty or in foreclosure. selling the clubhouse is just the cherry on top of years of problems. I actually looked at some of the units in this building in vegas last year that were originally listed over 800k, (listed for 200k after foreclosure) and still people weren’t buying them. interesting move to try to get money though….. however if anybody is a professional tennis coach or chef who entertains 1,000s of people daily, here is a perfect house

    • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

      Wait long enough and you’ll be able to turn it into a soup kitchen for those who lost money through foreclosures.

  • Grrrowler

    Who wouldn’t want to live in a former condo clubhouse surrounded by high rises, hotels, and casinos?

    • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

      LOL! You would get all the privacy in the world, wouldn’t you? 😀

  • george

    In an 80,000 sq ft house you would need satalite tracking devices to keep track of small children and pets.

  • Chris

    If I wanted an 80,000+ sqft house, I’d go with Versailles in Florida. At least there I could watch over the other houses in the neighborhood like a lord in his castle watching over those that live outside of it.

  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, I saw this property listed on Sothebys a little while ago and I was gonna let you know about it but I forgot lol. This is an amazing house right in the middle of everything in Las Vegas.

  • Tony

    I don’t see what everyone is complaining about. I think it makes the condo look bad if they have to sell the clubhouse. But this is a good opportunity for a billionaire or really rich person to obtain an 80,000 square foot palace right in the heart of Las Vegas. These billionaires that party it up in Vegas are the types that would want a huge palace to show off. I don’t think $18 million is a lot for an 80,000 square foot home right in the heart of Vegas. But you could probably talk this down to $12 million considering they are desperate for cash. Also if I was a billionaire high roller I would rather own my own palace with every amenity I could want instead of being over charged to stay in a hotel. Those high roller suits are probably over $10,000 per night. That adds up.

    • Daniel

      At $10K a night you could spend over 5 years straight in any five-star hotel, which would include concierge, no worry of taxes, maintenance, etc. I’d be surprised if someone not only bought this, but kept it for that long….

  • Tony

    I get your point Daniel, but there are hotels in Vegas that range from $10,000 to $40,000 per night. These are the types of suites Billionaires and High Rollers stay in. Add to that the cost of concierge services and all the extra perks and amenities that Billionaires and High Rollers demand and it adds up. There are some High Rollers that spend a lot of time in Vegas and think nothing of dropping $1 million or more on one hand of poker. People that are that rich and just don’t care about dropping millions frivolously are the type that would want a place like this. If I was a Billionaire High Roller with millions to burn I would rather own this and hire my own butlers and staff instead of paying $10,000 to $40,000 per night to stay in a luxury suite and have to pay for concierge services and all that stuff. I rather just own my own palace that is bigger and better and has more amenities than any hotel can offer. Plus you have to remember I am talking about people who can lose $10 million playing poker and not put a dent in their lifestyle. I am not talking about regular people. I am talking about people who own luxury homes, islands, and resorts all over the world that are fully staffed, fully stocked and fully maintained all year long even if they themselves only spend three weeks out of the year at each location.

    • Dilettante

      Real “high rollers” are given complimentary suites.

  • Tony

    By the way, this house doesn’t look like 80,000 square feet come to think of it. That’s almost twice the size of the Spelling Mansion. This looks more like 20,000 square feet. Maybe 35,000 square feet if it has a large basement and some outbuildings or something that I can’t see in the pics but I don’t see 80,000 square feet under one roof.

    • ZigZagBoom

      I agree that something seems wrong with the square footage figure.

      This is one of the most laughable properties we’ve ever seen on here. That isn’t to say someone won’t buy it though.

  • Tony

    Oh and another thing. The one thing I would have a problem with if I was a Billionaire and could afford to buy this is that its in the middle of a bunch of foreclosing condos. I wouldn’t want to be in the middle of all that drama if I was a billionaire. Also if it is true that these foreclosed condos are selling for as low as 200k then all sorts of riffraff that normally couldn’t afford to live there will be moving in and I wouldn’t want to pay that much to live in a huge palace surrounded by commoners lol. But putting aside the foreclosure drama I think this would be a nice home for a Billionaire High Roller that spends a lot of time and thinks nothing of dropping a lot of money in Las Vegas. But if I was a Billionaire and willing to put up with the foreclosure issue then i’d make a starting offer at $6 million and wouldn’t pay more than $12 million max. I definitely wouldn’t pay $18 million due to the foreclosure issues and the fact that I don’t see 80,000 square feet.

    • mak

      I would buy all the condos’ too and demolish them. Then I would put in a really nice lawn.

  • Jdubble07

    Clark County records show the clubhouse as being 24,914 under air. For 80,000 they must be including the pool/patio area, all terraces, the porte cochere, and the tennis courts. 80,000 sqft is just under 1.9 acres, so who knows where the heck they’re getting that from. My guess is some Sheikh or Russian oligarch will buy this and then try to buy out all the condos for his entourage.

  • Coon

    When I first saw this listing a while back I thought it was for an unfinished multiple floor combo and they were just posting pictures of the amenities since the actual unit was just bare concrete. It never crossed my mind that they were actually SELLING THE CLUB HOUSE! What a joke. This is the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever seen.

    • Teddi

      Agreed. Totally and completely agreed. Except the more ridiculous thing is selling the club house as a private residence.

  • mac22

    Why would anyone want to live in the clubhouse of a foreclosed condo highrise community. Absolutely no privacy, not to mention severe security issues, surrounded by parking lots and pavement and your living in esentially a commercial building, even the large dining room/conference hall looks like it is set up to host a wedding party. Dumb marketing.

    • Tony

      If it weren’t for the foreclosure issues this would be a nice place to live. A person that could afford this could obviously afford to make renovations to transform it from a club house into a home. Also a lot of rich folks stay in hotels and apartments and condos in vegas that are surrounded by pavement. This is no less safe than staying in a hotel or whatever and a rich person can afford their own private security. The only issue I have with this place is the foreclosure issue hurts the property value and who knows if those condos are gonna sit empty and disheveled or if riffraff are gonna buy the condos at rock bottom foreclosure prices and then you end up surrounded by much less affluent neighbors. But if this was not a foreclosure and you are surrounded by wealthy neighbors and the condo buildings had doormen and security and the person who buys the club house would be rich enough to have their own private security as well so it would be safe and secure. The only thing that ruins this property is just the foreclosure issue in my opinion.

      • mak

        Really rich people know how to deal with pesky things like neighboring properties going through foreclosure.

  • mak

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    • mac22

      YES what the hell is that?????????//

      • lambskin

        Yes-it started to appear on my posts too-i am not doing it-

  • Randy

    I think some sort of viruis is attacking this site …. Kenny, get tech support asap !!

  • Teddi

    The best hope to recoup any money paid on this place would be to turn it into a hotel or a timeshare. Something along those lines. God knows it already looks like a hotel in many respects. All the commercial dining areas, restaurant style kitchens and parking spaces means there is little work to do in that respect.

    Constantly talking about making it a private home is so totally ridiculous I can’t even decide whether to laugh or scoff at such talk. The only ‘wealthy’ people who would even consider it as a home are those nouveau riche with little sense or hillbilly lottery winners, both of whom would be bankrupt in a few years if they actually think something like THIS is a great find.


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