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  • rob

    God, it still feels like Gloria Swanson could come sweeping down that staircase any minute. I personally love the place but it is a grand old dame. It reminds me of some of the great mansions that you see in seedier parts of some towns. Places that have had their day. This one has been encroached upon by some pretty tacky neighbors and just a few blocks behind it is a basic suburban neighborhood. If we could just move this classy lady away from the riffraff I would think this would be a dream house. Kind of reminds me of Sunset Blvd. And how ballsy was it of Kennedy to buy this for his mistress. Not really a low key thing to do. LOL

  • Randy

    I guess its pretty cool they have’nt changed a thing since the silent film era. I wonder why Kennedy chose a Mediterrean design in New Jersey? Gloria was probably like, ‘Oh Joe, just what I wanted !’ ….

    That must have been one powerful piece of pussy to build her a mansion !

    • Ted Suber

      she was a silent film actress… she kept her trap shut & did as directed..

  • Daniel

    A very intriguing home desperately in need of an update. Seems that staircase was built to accommodate Gloria’s tiny frame and no one else. Why do I get the feeling this one will ultimately face the wrecking ball…

  • Scott

    It’s sad to think that these interiors were recently “gut renovated” – this is really the best that they could come up with? It’s too bad, because the house itself is a glorious piece of 1920s history.

  • Grrrowler

    How recent was that renovation? 1974? It’s an amazing house, but the current decor is atrocious (and the poor-quality pictures don’t help). The detailing, that I hope is original, looks incredible. With a properly-done comfortable interior, this could be stunning.

  • Chris

    The house was built for a Polish prince originally. But upon its completion, the prince decided he didn’t want it after all.

    When can I move in? I LOVE IT! Its perfect. The history alone makes it worth its price. If I owned it, I’d rename it “Sunset Boulevard”.

  • dan

    There are some similarities to Hearst Castle. I have seen the same wall paper during my lifetime. Some people really love this 1920’s style “art deco”. I join the above writers in naming it “Sunset Boulvard”.

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