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  • Kieran

    Wow that is mega! Love it

  • Anonymous

    This home is awesome, I was there for about a year installing the HVAC.

  • Kevin Smith

    Nice house! Can he still pay for it after wrecking his fathers company (and destroying shareholder value)?

    • josh

      probably..you wont be able to believe how rich the wolsteins are!

    • Winston

      Oh look, another ex coke head flooring installer talking shit about others and in general being a ass like always hey Kevin? Still snorting lines and hitting the patron little buddy? Party on!

      • Dave Eboch

        Scary Wolstein’s Starwood properties is connected to Westfield properties that owned the WTC. Two months after Larry Silverstein purchased the WTC through Westfield properties the kit and Kabbootle went up in smoke. A terror attack and terror attacks seem to follow Westfield properties. Even all the way to Nigeria. I hope nothing happens to Ohio or Illinois.Just a little nervous about Wolstein’s and Westfield. It’s bad luck.

    • Rick James

      So the truth hurt and my post was deleted by mod’s? LOL… The Irony of Kevin’s concerns about money wasted by another… is it still snowing outside of rehab? Patron must warm it up a bit, no?

  • anonymous

    You can view the house without all the construction in Google Earth now.

    I’m sure his accountant has a fun time with the taxes, because a brief look at the map shows that the driveway is located in Geauga County and the house is located in Cuyahoga County (although dealing with that is probably one of the least difficult tasks for the accountant.)

  • Nick

    The exterior is AWESOME!!!!!

    The interior is not nice on some rooms.It could have been much better if a top designer had carried out the “harsh” job.

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  • Joseph

    I’ve always wondered why there are so many mega-mansions in Ohio (by Midwestern standards). It just seems odd considering the fact that there aren’t any houses like this in the Chicagoland area. The house itself looks incredible though, reminds me of Stan Hywet Hall.

  • Chicago

    Is this a gated community or a family compound? There’s another house that shares the driveway

    • Rick James

      No, that is not another house on property, that is their guest house that leads into the house. I believe it was around 8500 sq. foot if I remember right.

  • Grrrowler

    For its size it’s actually a quite beautiful house.

  • Daniel

    It’s so spread out. Looks like a damn chore living here. Nice details though…

  • NOVA Ben

    Agree with Daniel. Just like you need an elevator when you live in a 6-story townhouse in the city, you almost need one of those airport-style moving walkways for this. It’s really a beautiful home, though. I’m a sucker for those drive-through gatehouses too, even though they’re a total gimmick.

  • Randy

    I wish I had a gift wrapping room and a dog grooming room.

  • Doug

    Overall it’s a pretty nice place, I’m just happy anytime any of these mega-houses picks an actual architectural style and keeps it consistent throughout. But I have a problem with the way that garage wing sticks straight out like that. In the one picture taken from the driveway approach the garage wing dominates the view as much, maybe even more, than the main facade. The whole point of putting the garages behind like that is so that the entrance is the focal point, here you’re just as drawn to that long garage structure as you are to the front entrance. It was clearly done so he could put his whole archway and “motor court” right in your face. It’s extremely pretentious. Also there’s no consistency with the whole timber-stucco thing. In the front it’s just kinda thrown in that one spot and no where else, but on the back it’s very prominent. Also pick brick or stone, there’s no need for both and in some parts of the facade (the garage mostly) it just looks weird to go from a transition of all stone with a tiny bit of brick to all brick with some stone.

  • Tony

    too bad we can’t see the interior. the exterior looks ok.

  • Hunter

    Great looking place, love all the land!! I’d never move into a mega mansion on less than 3 acres..I have zero interest in sharing my every move outside with my neighbors.

  • Al Robinson

    Hot Diggity!! I just found the address. FINALLY. Here it is, plus info.

    14398 County Line Rd, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022


  • Al Robinson

    If you add the basement square feet, to the main floor it all adds up to

    43,367 square feet.

  • rob

    Nice style, good stonework, seems bigger than 36k feet. Love the gatehouse. Surprised to find this in Ohio. That whole neighborhood looks pretty nice. I like how spread out it is. People in one end of that house could have a rock concert and not be noticed in the other end of the house. Good excercise too.

  • mac22

    great looking mansion with some really wonderful outdoor amenities/ Love the architecture.

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